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Sustainable supply chains

Supply chain sustainability may be a new challenge for many, but for us, it’s always been a part of who we are.

The challenge

Working with sustainable suppliers

40% of the companies we talk to either struggle to find sustainable suppliers, or simply don’t know how to improve the sustainability performance of complex, multi-layered supply chains. With sustainability as our mission, we have the data and insights to help you.


The benefits of supply chain sustainability

We’re here to help you meet the requirements of your stakeholders and deliver innovative and sustainable procurement practices. With our expertise in helping you maintain a truly sustainable supply chain, the benefits go beyond providing transparency, mitigating risk and protecting your brand. You can also drive value by:

Good corporate citizens

Accelerate the sustainability efforts of your business overall – playing a pivotal role in delivering sustainability for your colleagues, customers and the planet


Gaining insights to deliver a long-term sustainable future for your business. Benchmarking the performance of your supply base against industry standards.

Decision Making

Using the sustainability data at your fingertips to make informed business decisions – aligning with partners and suppliers who share your ESG goals.


of buyers and suppliers believe sustainability initiatives will have a bigger priority in the coming year. With 53% of companies planning to spend up to 10% of their procurement budget on sustainability initiatives.

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Our process

How to begin building sustainable supply chains

Delivering on your board’s objectives to source suppliers with high ethical and safety standards and a low environmental impact demands focus and engagement throughout the whole supply chain. You can accelerate the sustainability efforts of your business by improving your supply chain transparency under our five pillars of sustainability.
Using the data at your fingertips to improve your supply chain sustainability and make informed business decisions.

Assess your needs
Source sustainable suppliers
Monitor your supply base

Effective management of your sustainability efforts begins with successful measurement. So before anything else happens, we assess your global supply chain risk and sustainability needs.

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We then give you access to a pool of pre-qualified potential suppliers who have been through a rigorous questionnaire, focused on all aspects of sustainability – both globally and locally.

Access dashboards that show how suppliers score against our five pillarsof sustainability: financial, environmental, social, governance and health and safety.


Sustainability data across your supply chain

We consider all of the policies, processes, convictions, management systems, sanctions and notices relating to environmental issues and community engagement when scoring suppliers for their sustainability credentials.

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