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Specification Writing

Specification Writing

Online Course

This course is designed to provide delegates with the knowledge and skills to create specifications that ensure sustainable pricing, product quality, operational functionality and requirements that are fit for purpose. The course addresses why it is essential to undertake pre-procurement engagement and spend time developing a robust regulated procurement compliant specification, which will in turn reduce the financial impact of over specifying or producing a specification that is not fit for purpose further down the line.

Who should attend?

This course is intended for procurement practitioners, contract managers and operational stakeholders who wish to understand and apply the tools, techniques and processes regarding specification writing in-order to ensure specifications are regulated procurement compliant, clear, accurate and complete. This course is suitable for anyone who has not written a specification before, or has and wants to improve their specification writing skills.


• Justify the need for consultation
• Explore pre-procurement engagement
• Discuss the availability of the Procurement Documents
• Identify and define the different types of specification
• Discuss specification writing and style
• Explain the structure and content of specifications
• Discuss implications of flawed specification
• Define material change
• Explain the need for SMART Specifications

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