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Reform of Public Procurement Law: What the Suppliers Need to Know

Reform of Public Procurement Law: What the Suppliers Need to Know


This course is designed to analyse and provide Suppliers with an understanding of the proposals in the Government’s Procurement Bill for the reform of Public Procurement Law. The course will address Procedures, Open Contracting, changes to exclusions, selection and award criteria. The course will also address modifications to concluded contracts and proposed changes to Procurement tool such as Frameworks, Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS).

Learning Outcomes

The main objectives for our training are to ensure that Suppliers have a full understanding of the Governments proposals for the reform of Public Procurement Law. Suppliers will understand the proposals in the Procurement Bill and how these proposals may shape the future of Regulated Procurement. Suppliers will have an appreciation of the Government’s visions to speed up and simplify procurement processes, place value for money at their heart, and unleash opportunities for all businesses.

Who should attend

Procurement, Buying Professionals and Stakeholders in businesses aiming to work within the Public Sector.


  • Introduction
  • Background and time scales
  • Simpler regulatory framework
  • Proposal for procedures with a public solicitation
  • Plans for direct awards of contracts.
  • Suggestions for modifications of contracts
  • Proposals for open contracting
  • Proposed changes to selection and award criteria
  • Use of commercial Procurement tools
  • Proposals for changes to Framework Agreements
  • Proposals for changes to DPS
  • Contract management and Supplier Performance
  • Proposals for changes to Remedies
  • Questions and answers

Date and Location

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About our courses

Our trainers regularly attend legal seminars and conferences to ensure that they are fully aware and up to date regarding legislative changes and changes due to case law provisions. This is then reflected in the training sessions and updated.

We also work closely with the Cabinet Office and CCS and any new guidance via Procurement Policy Notes (PPNs) is also reflected and updated in the sessions.