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Category Management

Category Management

Online Course

Category Management is a strategic approach which organises procurement resources to focus on specific areas of spends. This enables category managers to focus their time and conduct in depth market analysis to fully leverage their procurement decisions on behalf of the whole organisation. The results can be significantly greater than traditional transactional based purchasing methods and is an effective way of organising expenditure and delivering sustained leverage benefits for the buying organisation.

Who should attend

This course is intended for people who wish to understand and apply the tools/techniques/processes, either so that they can initiate Category Management within their organisation or work within an established system and contribute more fully to it.

Why attend

This course will cover the key elements of category management including management of the supply chain, opportunity analysis; spend categorisation, market awareness, proficient supplier relationship management and excellent stakeholder relationships. Also, an understanding of actual customer needs and how Category Management
matches market knowledge with customer demand.
The course will include exercises and scenarios to embed the learning.


  • Define category management
  • Understand the need for governance
  • Explain how we develop the category profile
  • Explore how we develop the sourcing strategy
  • Understand the need for contract management
  • Discuss the risks and benefits of category management

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