COVID-19: Action Plan for Buyers

There will no doubt be a number of lessons we can learn from this crisis. Many are predicting it will mark a shift in the way employers think about working remotely, and a transformation in the way we deliver goods and services. At Achilles, we are acutely aware that after each supply chain crisis, we see a spike in demand for Supply Chain Visibility projects.


Getting Through it Together

Proactively reach out to suppliers who might be at medium term risk if the crisis continues for more than 3-6 months and take steps to support them through this crisis.

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Use the functionality of your platform to ask your very own specific questions around COVID to a list of suppliers in the community. Review their answers alongside their original pre-qualification questionaire.

Quickly understand how prepared and responsive your suppliers and contractors are during these unprecedented times. We can send a short questionnaire to your suppliers and help to determine how disrupted they will be.

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Solutions Achilles Soutions Icons
Risk Management

Understanding the risk

Identify and analyse sources of supply chain risk and maintain appropriate policies relating to shortages or other supply chain disruptions that are likely to occur during the crisis.

We have a dedicated team of Data Scientists on hand to help analyse questionnaire answers. You can use this insight to help understand who, where and when your supply chain is likely to be impacted.

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Source and Supply

Identify additional sources of supply

As some suppliers will be more affected than others, it is important that you have identified additional sources of supply that can be leveraged quickly if your existing supply base is unable to deliver. Proactively qualifying suppliers is a positive step you can take to mitigate against disruption.

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