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Achilles Network: free, full cross sector visibility for Buyers and Suppliers

Achilles Network: free, full cross sector visibility for Buyers and Suppliers

27 Jan 2022

Suppliers can join the Achilles Network for free to become visible to Buyers from a broad range of sectors.

Achilles Network is the first fully cross sector network for Buyers and Suppliers to offer free visibility to suppliers. This new network builds on Achilles’ 30 year experience connecting Buyers and Suppliers, and evolves this model to offer a sector agnostic platform in addition to the traditional sector based communities. This increases the range of opportunities for suppliers and enables buyers to ensure diversity of supply and access new suppliers.

Achilles’ Supply Chain Resilience Index shows that resilience continues to fall, demonstrating that disruption across supply chains is set to continue. As the need to source alternative supply grows, joining Achilles Network, where buyers can search for suppliers from different sectors, could be a game changer for all sides of the supply chain.
For a supplier, joining Achilles Network brings the following benefits:

  • Full free visibility for suppliers to registered buyers across all sectors, regardless of industry or location.
  • Access to, and visibility on Achilles Insights, data driven supplier analysis and insight.
  • Reduced admin – a single, simple questionnaire that takes around 10 minutes to complete with fast-track publication.
  • Suppliers join free, and upgrade as more assurance and compliance is required.
  • Suppliers can subscribe to contract opportunity notifications through the redeveloped Achilles Supplier NOTiCE service which monitors both Find a Tender (FTS) and OJEU in a single platform.

Katie Tamblin, Chief Product Officer at Achilles, commented: “The data in the Achilles Supply Chain Resilience Index illustrates that these are challenging markets, as we continue to manage disruption across global supply chains. But with this challenge comes unprecedented opportunities for suppliers, and Achilles Network provides the platform to find and capitalise upon these opportunities. For Buyers, ensuring security of supply and the ability to access pre-qualified suppliers from other sectors, is now mission critical, as our data suggests that the disruption of supply is set to continue for the foreseeable future. We have always known that there is huge overlap between the industries we operate in, whether this is utilities, construction or oil and gas. Formalising this, and making the entry point easy and cost effective to access means that suppliers can expand their relationships with buyers they already work with in adjacent sectors, as well as those in new sectors seeking similar products and services. By now enabling them to be visible, to a broader range of buyers in new industries we are adding value and creating opportunity.”

For further information on how to join Achilles Network click here.

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