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MyAchilles: Your Supply Chain Sustainability Platform

Find new vetted suppliers, meet due diligence obligations, and drive supply chain improvement while suppliers get assessed to demonstrate alignment with your sustainability standards – all in one single, multilingual platform.


A window to your supply chain due diligence, performance and reporting



The MyAchilles platform provides your window to view the outcomes of Achilles’ rigorous supplier assessment process, enabling you to manage and monitor your supply chain.

• Easily find prequalified suppliers

• Pinpoint risks through the outcomes of the Achilles supplier validation

• Track changes in supplier performance against your benchmarks

• Report with confidence to your stakeholders



Supplier Networks

Easily find prequalified suppliers for your projects that adhere to your business code of ethics and compliance obligations.

Evaluate Risk

Quickly pinpoint risks through the outcomes of the Achilles supplier validation, enabling proactive action and allowing you to focus on what really matters.

Drive Improvement

Track changes in supplier performance against your benchmarks over time and clearly identify top and lower performers, including audit outcomes.

Reporting Confidence

Seamlessly extract the information you need to meet all regulatory requirements and confidently report to your stakeholders.

Simon Johnston, Procurement Manager at INEOS FPS

“INEOS FPS want to establish a highly managed database of approved suppliers and contractors based on consistent assessment, providing assurance that supports high-performing and risk-reduced delivery of goods and services.”


Beyond ESG Scoring

Uncover your suppliers’ performance not only across ESG but also H&S, Finance, and Cybersecurity to drive supply chain continuously improvement.

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Truly Multi-lingual Platform

Break down language barriers and share crucial supply chain information in more than 20 languages with simultaneous translation of responses. Deliver superior supplier engagement for the best possible due diligence results.

Carbon Reporting Confidence

Gain a clear picture of your suppliers’ carbon maturity, their plans, and progress in reducing GHG emissions. This enables you to build visibility of your Scope 3 carbon footprint and meet the CSRD requirements.

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API Integration Technology

For more efficient and lower-risk procurement, the Achilles API integrates supply chain information into your in-house system. It is suitable for SAP Ariba, Jaggaer, Causeway, and others.


Prove compliance and expand your reach



The MyAchilles platform enables you to demonstrate superior operating standards to potential clients, leverage your strengths, and scale your business successfully in your market sector.

• Win more business

• Boost efficiency

• Raise credibility

• Drive business improvement and performance to the highest standards



Win Business

Prequalify to show your business commitment to sustainability and to bid for your industry´s biggest and most important projects.

Boost Efficiency

Share your compliance and credentials in one centralised location and become more agile in responding to new opportunities.

Raise Credibility

Undergoing the Achilles assessment proves your business meets higher standards for quality, safety, and environmental responsibility.

Drive Improvement

Improve your business performance by benchmarking it against your peers’ businesses and identifying key areas for improvement, driving towards winning more business.

Ana Herrero, Functional Administrator-CRM Services Manager at Grupo EULEN

“We have been working with Achilles for more than 20 years. The main benefit is the ease of presenting documentation when participating in a bid. Having a supplier membership at Achilles saves us from having to send documents separately, which would be a lot of work. Saving time and having everything organised in one place is crucial.”


GHG Emissions Reporting

Demonstrate your awareness and action plans for reducing your business’s GHG emissions and complying with industry standards, gaining a competitive edge by showcasing your environmental responsibility.

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Achilles Global Network

Collect, showcase and share your compliance and credentials in one centralised location accessible by potential new clients worldwide.

Cyber Risk Scoring

Gain a comprehensive cyber risk report along with actionable insights and recommendations for improvement. This empowers you to boost your cyber score and become a more attractive partner to new customers.

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Tendering Made Easy

Streamline one-on-one conversations with potential customers considering tenders. Increase your chances of winning new business.

70% of suppliers grow when working with Achilles. Source: UVDB Network

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