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Health and Safety Trends Report

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Health and Safety Trends Report

Health and safety trends are a key topic of interest for buying organisations, and not just for the high-risk industries. Health and safety can define an organisations culture, ensure quality business practices, impact the supply chain and promote wellbeing.

For suppliers, ensuring a safe work environment for employees can make or break the next contract opportunity that comes along, which can have a positive or negative impact on a supplier’s performance.

Our new health and safety trends report outlines some of the key findings from our pre-qualification data collection, and supplier audit reports across the UK, Spain and Norway to help you reduce risk in your supply chain.

The industries these regions cover include Oil and Gas, Utilities, Construction and Transport.

Health and Safety Trends Report key findings

  • 21% of suppliers in the UK, Norway and Spain who complete questions on health and safety management systems within the Achilles questionnaire advise they do not have a documented system in place.
  • Spanish suppliers reported four times the number of major injuries than the UK in 2020, and in contrast Norwegian suppliers reported two thirds fewer major injuries than the UK.
  • Despite COVID19 increasing safety protocols, our Auditors have seen a decrease in competent health and safety support being accessible within audited within companies.

This report looks at supplier data and provides recommendations on the following:

  • Health and safety certified management systems
  • Health and safety trends, including injuries at work and lost time injury rates
  • Health and safety performance
  • Virtual vs Onsite audits
  • Room for improvement and common non-conformities
  • 4 tips for compliance
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