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Risk Management

Supply chain risk is ever present, those who proactively manage it deliver the competitive edge

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The intelligent approach to identifying and dealing with risk

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Without the right supplier data at your fingertips, it becomes a lot harder to react effectively to the risk your business faces. By collecting and verifying the kind of information that buyers need we not only sharpen their reaction times, we help them be more proactive in managing third party risk too.

Every business faces risks that range from the everyday to the exceptional. But no matter the scale of the risk, the best way to ensure minimal disruption is through increased oversight, active monitoring and strategic planning. The high quality and accurate data that we provide buyers means that procurement and supply chain teams can spend less time gathering and verifying data, and more time increasing the resilience and adaptability of their business.


In supply chains of businesses have experienced disruption impact from the failure of a single supplier

Vuealta study – 2019


Raising standards in risk management

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Natural disasters

Plan and minimise risk from a major adverse event such as flooding, earthquakes or volcanoes.

Sub-tier 2 (and beyond) visibility

Extend your oversight beyond your tier 1 suppliers to the whole of your supply chain – understanding the key dependencies and connections.

Geopolitical risk

Don’t let your business get caught between conflicting economic powers, political instability or other man made issues with powerful supply chain intelligence.

Transport and logistics

Map out the potential risks by predicting and minimising the impact.

Supply chain resilience

Ultimately, build a supply chain that can proactively avoid disruption as well as recover from any fall out.

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How it works

From sourcing and selecting through to your ongoing relationships, our services are designed to reduce third party risk and improve compliance – every step of the way.

Pre-qualification questionnaire
Management System audit
Watchlist Screening
Insights and Reporting
Pre-qualification Questionnaire

Part of our supplier pre-qualification process is collecting and verifying data relating to financial risk. This gives buyers a more complete and accurate view of the risk profiles of potential and current suppliers. We remove the uncertainty of working with new companies and help strengthen existing relationships.

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Management System audit

The scope of our audit programmes covers an assessment of the supplier’s organisational management systems covering key supply chain risk areas including:

  • Quality
  • Health Safety
  • Environmental Sustainability / CSR
  • Carbon Management
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Watchlist Screening

Don’t let criminal organisations rob you of your hard-earned reputation. Our screening service is designed to help you make thoroughly informed decisions about who you do business with.

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Insights and Reporting

Valuable insights and business intelligence are the building blocks for performance and opportunity – we can give you a unique view across every level of the supply chain and your place within it.

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It has given us a new viewpoint over our organisation, helping us to become a more ‘serious’ and better organised company, more able to address and manage risk. It also enforces the discipline to keep up with documentation at all times, which is straightforward under the new system.”

Andreas Lie, General Manager, Røyrås Treindustri

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