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Supply Chain Mapping

You can’t control what you can’t see. And as supply chains become increasingly complex, there are more and more angles that need covering. After all, it’s not just Tier 1 suppliers you need to consider – any organisation that has an input toward your end product could become the source of a problem.

Take a wider view

Our supply chain mapping solution allows you to build a picture of your entire supply chain that’s not only comprehensive but – crucially – comprehensible. With this clarity established, you can see where potential problems are likely to arise and start creating contingencies.

Flag potential problems – however far afield

Assess suppliers – and the way the fit together: As well as alerting you to issues with particular suppliers, mapping will allow you to see any issues in how they fit together – such as convergence and interdependence.

The full picture, quicker: Our online solution and customer support team drive the data collection process, ensuring suppliers provide timely responses.

Why use it?

We understand that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. The work we put into qualifying suppliers can be undermined if the standards they adhere to are abandoned further down the line.  You can’t allow that to happen – that’s why we’ve developed this solution: to give you the same level of insight into your entire supply chain’s structure as we do for individual companies.

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