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Review and improve supplier performance

We provide services for managing your existing contracts and vendor relationships. Our Performance Feedback module provides an online framework and process to help you review, rate and develop existing supplier performance, helping to support:

  • Supplier continuous improvement programmes
  • Supplier issue resolution
  • Future contract planning and consideration

Where Performance Feedback is used across one of our communities, as a member you will also be able to review potential suppliers based on the performance scores they receive from other buyers.

How it works

Performance Feedback is a monitoring tool that lets you evaluate your suppliers against an agreed set of criteria for both ongoing and concluded contracts. There is a default set of 15 criteria, each of which can be scored on a scale of 1-10. While the system can be configured, the default criteria enable cross-community comparison of suppliers, and include:

  • Product quality
  • Documentation
  • Business ethics

Each supplier’s score is stored and can be referenced in the future to help track changes and trends in the supplier’s performance or to evaluate multiple suppliers simultaneously via the Performance Feedback Benchmarking tool.

Why use it

Sharing experiences with buyers and suppliers and benchmarking both yours and your suppliers’ performance enhances the intelligence of the supply chain, helping you to:

  • Drive performance improvement through highlighting common issues and continual benchmarking of contracts
  • Facilitate communication with the supply chain, encouraging review and interaction
  • Provide the opportunity for 360 degree feedback
  • Create a useful source of information for new suppliers