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With the right information you can reduce the risk that comes with subcontracting.

The secure way to subcontract

Subcontractors can be a huge asset but – with the financial and reputational damage that can result in lapses in working practices – they can also be a liability. Controlar is a fully-managed service giving you tools to manage the people, equipment and practices attached to your contracts.

Take control

See more: Get visibility over the volume and profile of the people, equipment and vehicles involved in your projects – making management easier and less costly.

Keep key metrics in view: Reports allow you to maintain a clear view of your project’s performance.

Compile evidence: Build a bank of the documentary evidence you need to meet compliance requirements – both internal and external.

Why use it?

We’re experts in managing contract-specific risks. And while every project is different, the experience we’ve amassed from managing over 120,000 subcontracted people and resources leaves us uniquely placed to mitigate risk from your operations.

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