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The global utilities market is fast moving, subject to ever more stringent regulation and new technologies. Combining qualification systems from Connexio and Sellihca, this continually developing community gives members the information they need to do business with less risk, in less time – whilst meeting EU regulations.






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Community Features

A simpler way to give buyers what they’re looking for – starting with information

Performance feedback

Give buyers updates on your continuous improvement.


Demonstrate a higher level of compliance with your potential buyer.

RFI Responses

RFI responses

Respond directly to an RFI from a potential customer using the Equal feature.

“Achilles Utilities NCE is great help to small and medium companies approaching the market for the first time."

Dr. Stefano Iorio, CEO, Rebaioli S.p.A

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Choose the subscription package that suits you

We don’t believe in one size fits all – so we’ve provided different pricing options based on the number of your products and services you want to make searchable with their own product codes.

Tier 0

1-3 product codes*


Tier 1

1-5 product codes


Tier 2

6-15 product codes


Tier 3

16-25 product codes


Tier 4

26+ product codes


* Tier 0 is only available to suppliers with an annual turnover of less than €1.1M./NOK 10,000,000

Tier 0 for suppliers to Stadtwerke Solingen for MiLoG and TVgG qualification is available for €60

Prices do not include VAT. GBP prices are subject to VAT and is applicable for companies registered in UK.

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