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Less Regulated Procurement

Less Regulated Procurement

Online Course

Less Regulated Procurement

½ day 10.00 – 13.00

This course explores ‘less regulated’ procurements that fall outside the formal regulations, but still require some form of compliance such as light touch regime (former Part B Services) contracts & service concession contracts. This course is designed to demonstrate that contracts that are not subject to regulated procurement legislation must still be conducted in line with procurement best practice and also in line with the Procurement Principles to provide fairness, competition and transparency in below threshold and less regulated public procurement.

Who should attend?

This course is beneficial to procurement practitioners and organisational stakeholders dealing with less regulated procurement and below threshold contracts. Or to any procurement specialist who requires visibility of below threshold contracts for the purpose of aggregation and transparency.

Learning outcomes

The course is designed to provide delegates with a clear and grounded understanding of the basics of Regulated Procurement legislation and requirements. The training identifies key issues that should be considered when undertaking any procurement process, whether fully covered by the legislation or when less formally regulated.


· Discuss the background and changes for below threshold contracts

· Explore the key procedural rules for below threshold contracts

· Advertising opportunities on Contracts Finder

· Publishing contract awards on Contracts Finder

· Explain Light Touch Regime (LTR) Service Contracts

· Explain the procedural requirements for LTR

· Define Concession contracts

· Explain the procedural requirements for Concession contracts

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