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How to prepare for a pandemic: building a resilient supply chain

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How to prepare for a pandemic: building a resilient supply chain

Effective COVID-19 pandemic preparedness for business means more than simply identifying the factors that could impact your ability to operate to your full potential. Putting a system in place that protects the interests of key stakeholders, your reputation, and your ability to generate revenue, is key.

We asked the attendees at our recent Pandemic Preparedness webinar how confident they were that in the event of supply chain disruption, that you have credible alternative plans in place?

At the beginning of the webinar 24% of attendees felt they were ‘very’ to ‘extremely’ confident their business had credible alternative plans in place during a disruption such as a pandemic. However, after an hour in which the speakers detailed the impact such disruption could have on different mature industries, the confidence of the audience had fallen, with only 14% rating this as ‘very’ confident, and none feeling ‘extremely’ confident.

How to prepare for a pandemic

Some supply chain disruptions, such as a pandemic, are unavoidable, but having a credible business continuity plan that inspires confidence can limit your organisations exposure to risk during uncertain times.

In our recent report, we outlined the key trends across several sectors and geographies uncovering how organisations  responded to the global coronavirus pandemic – providing an insightful view on how to be better prepared for the unexpected.

Understand the impact on your supply chain and discover our recommendations for better business continuity planning, including how to prepare for a pandemic by watching our webinar on demand.

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