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Grupo CTAI Achieves Process Optimization and Performance Improvement with Achilles

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Grupo CTAI Achieves Process Optimization and Performance Improvement with Achilles


CTAI Group aims to be the primary reference in the field of electrical and control engineering, both nationally and internationally, recognized for its technological capabilities and its solid, profitable, innovative, and ethical work approach. Additionally, the company aims to be a dynamic organization that generates value for its shareholders, employees, and clients.

To achieve these goals, the Group must maintain and demonstrate its high standards while efficiently managing its processes, optimizing time and resources.

Process and Results: Standardizing Documentary Processes

For Rocío Caso, Corporate Director of CTAI Group, standardizing document delivery for various clients was essential to improve the efficiency of her team.

Achilles Repro is a community in the energy sector in Southern Europe and Latin America that connects suppliers and buyers. It enables supplier companies, such as CTAI Group, to showcase their best practices to a portfolio of over 40 buying companies conducting supplier searches daily. Being part of the Achilles supplier network has allowed CTAI Group to establish itself as a trusted supplier.

“We’ve been with Achilles for 21 years,” says Rocío Caso. “One of the main benefits of being part of Achilles is that many of our clients and potential clients are community members,” Rocío continues. “The Repro system allows us to save time and resources by organizing all documentation on a single platform.” This approach, in addition to optimizing CTAI Group’s processes, contributes to ensuring compliance with industry standards and helps reduce risk.

Continuous Improvement of Processes and ESG Criteria

To ensure continuous improvement, innovation, and sustainability, CTAI Group relies on Achilles audits. This process contributes to enhancing competitiveness, internal organization, and helps identify areas for development. “Achilles audits have allowed us to reflect and promote internal improvements that would not have been easy otherwise. The qualification of the auditors is also a key factor, as their understanding of the business and specific industry knowledge facilitates communication and obtaining practical ideas,” says Rocío.

At Achilles, we are proud to continue supporting CTAI Group in improving its ESG performance and the increased efficiency of its internal processes. CTAI Group continues to work towards ambitious goals, and Achilles will support them in their objectives and facilitate the demonstration of their best practices in the market.

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