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Data Validation

Facts are our currency – so we don’t even consider sharing the data we hold on suppliers until we’ve subjected it to our rigorous validation processes.

Data you can depend on

Our global validation team, carry out over 90,000 questionnaire validations a year – along with over 10,000 audits. Combined with our access to specialised third-party data streams, their work ensures that we don’t just know suppliers’ credentials – we know them for certain.

Creating a community where seeing is believing

Validation before visibility: We don’t display supplier information to our buyers until it has passed our validation checks.

Stay alert: If our validation work changes the status of any of the suppliers or products you’re tracking, you’ll be notified automatically.

Vital documentation in one place: Our internal qualification tool helps you build your own records on suppliers, their audits and how the results relate to your business.

Get prequalified quickly: Our access to trusted third-party data sources reduces the burden on suppliers to provide information, saving them time and effort.

Why do we do it?

Our business depends on buyers knowing that, when we supply information about a supplier, they can take our word for it. Just as we don’t take that trust for granted, we don’t take any of the data we gather for granted either. Validation is all about making sure suppliers meet the standards the industry expects, right from the outset.

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