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Conflict Minerals

When you invest in suppliers, you’re looking to further your business. But, unless you know who you’re dealing with, you could be inadvertently funding sinister causes.

Keeping your  company out of conflicts

Militias around the world have long used their control of mines and minerals to fund bloody conflicts. Now pressure is growing on business to ensure their materials aren’t coming from compromised sources. This can seem like a relatively straightforward task, especially as reporting templates are readily available. But having a template is one thing – collecting and validating data from global sources is quite another.

Our service provides clear results, quickly and with far less administrative burden.

A simpler way to secure your reputation

Investigate your supply chain: We’ll create a communications plan to make sure data is collected – and shared with all relative stakeholders – with maximum efficiency. From there we’ll establish the legitimacy of your supply sources.

A tailored approach: We align our validation process with your specific business goals, provide regular reports on the progress of the programme and help suppliers take corrective action wherever necessary.

Meet reporting requirements: Many businesses are under a legal obligation to report their efforts to eliminate conflict minerals from their products. We work with these obligations in mind and remove the burden of meeting them.

Why use it?

The more controversial the issue, the greater the damage if your brand is tainted by it. Though the connection may be minimal, if you’re shown to be furthering violent conflicts, the fallout will be anything but. As experts in validation and compliance, we can help you demonstrate your ethical commitments in less time, at less cost and with less effort.

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