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Making it easier for people, goods and services to get around is vital for economic growth. The financial case for infrastructure investment requires long-term, sustainable investment choices. After decades of growth, this community now covers every country in Northern Europe and includes national firms working across the Nordics.






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Community Features

A simpler way to give buyers what they’re looking for – starting with information

Enhanced profiling

Allow buyers to apply their internal benchmarking standards to your profile – giving them an easier way to gauge the suitability of your business.

Stamp and certificate

Demonstrate that you meet the requirements of current and potential buyers with your community stamp and certificate.

RFI responses

Respond directly to an RFI from a potential customer using the Equal feature.

“Using TransQ creates a quicker, more efficient procurement process as the suppliers have been pre-approved for the Swedish Transport Administration.”

Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket)

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Tier 1

1-3 product codes

4,900 SEK or 6,125 SEK including 25% VAT per year

Tier 2

4-8 product codes

5,900 SEK or 7,375 SEK including 25% VAT per year

Tier 3

9-19 product codes

6,900 SEK or 8,625 SEK including 25% VAT per year

Tier 4

20+ product codes

9,900 SEK or 12,375 SEK including 25% VAT per year

The VAT inclusive price is applicable to companies registered in Sweden.

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