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Pre-qualification Questionnaires

These essential tools are your first step towards finding suppliers who can deliver on your contracts while meeting all your compliance standards.

As a Purchasing, Supply Chain or Vendor Management professional you are faced with the increasing challenges of managing data, compliance and risk in your supplier sourcing and procurement activities. We support suppliers through the pre-qualification process following a proven model that has already qualified over 90,000 suppliers globally.

We will work with you to identify the suppliers and then start our fully managed “on-boarding” campaign using branded emails and our supplier support teams.

Establish the essentials

Our supplier pre-qualification programme for your total supply base includes a set of preliminary core questions that all your suppliers complete.

At this stage of pre-qualification we capture:

  • General company data
  • Products and services
  • Finance
  • Insurance and legal

This provides a basic registration (sufficient for low-risk profile suppliers) and also powers your risk model. The model identifies which suppliers must complete additional pre-qualification stages in order to satisfy your compliance rules.

Filter down the field

Achilles has a rich history of collecting and managing pre-qualification data and can advise you on the asking the right questions in the right way to maximise value. We will work with you to define the supplier pre-qualification standards required. We collect, validate and share this supplier pre-qualification information with our customers through a secure online platform. We deploy methods that turn responses into data points, providing you with a quick way of determining where there might be risk in your supply chain, and which suppliers fit your criteria. From there our additional features help you refine your search.

These pre-qualification questionnaires and stages are configured to reflect the specific requirements of each industry sector we serve:

Automotive  – Chemicals and Allied Industries  –  Construction  –  Facilities Management  –  Mining  – Oil and Gas  – Public Sector  –  Industrial Manufacturing  –  Technology  –  Transport  – Utilities

The heart of our solution is a systematic and proven approach to asking the right questions covering:

  • Health, Safety and Quality
  • Business Continuity
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Ethical Business
  • Cyber and IT
  • Risk Management

Tailored to your company

This enhanced solution includes a risk and compliance model configured to the specific needs of your organisation and extended to cover your total supply base. The risk model assesses suppliers against key criteria that you define, and indicates the specific pre-qualification process you require them to complete. This method enables you to analyse and manage your supply base, while matching supplier burden to risk.


Why use them?

Combined with our community model, pre-qualification questionnaires allow you to move from  managing a tender, to accessing to a pool of high-quality potential suppliers, to having a well-vetted shortlist – all in a minimum of time, with a minimum of effort. Our community model reduces supplier burden and brings the value to you sooner: if your supplier has already completed the same PQQ for another buyer, they can be visible immediately. If you are looking for a vetted pool of additional suppliers, you can find them in the Achilles Network of communities.

  • Score suppliers: Tell us what’s important to you and we’ll use our questionnaire data to score suppliers against your needs.
  • Find out more: You can add additional questions – even buyer specific ones – to the questionnaires, ensuring you have all the information you need to make the right choice.
  • Stay informed: Our buyer alerts feature lets you know if a supplier’s questionnaire data changes for the better (or worse).
  • Evaluate suppliers: Our performance feedback tool lets you view assessments of supplier performance

When it comes to procurement, cutting corners is far too risky. But being diligent doesn’t mean you can’t be efficient. By allowing us to ask the right questions for you, Buyers can benefit from:

  • Best-practice pre-qualification standards agreed by the industry or set by you
  • Fully managed supplier data capture and validation
  • Systematic risk management and compliance
  • Supplier data consolidation on a single platform
  • Advanced online search and filter functionality
  • Access to new pre-qualified suppliers
  • Risk management information for stakeholders

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