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5 reasons your business should use Achilles for Supply Chain Due Diligence


5 reasons your business should use Achilles for Supply Chain Due Diligence

Many businesses are now required by law to assess their human rights and environmental risks. Investors and consumers are increasingly voicing a preference for brands that make a positive impact. Knowing what’s happening in your supply chain is more important than ever before.

In legislation, such as the EU’s forthcoming Supply Chain Due Diligence Act, Germany’s Lieferkettengesetz and India’s BRSR Core being able to evidence what you are doing is crucial. Getting it wrong can significantly impact brand reputation and lead to significant fines and other penalties. Greenwashing is becoming a dangerous strategy.

Even the most experienced procurement and supply chain professionals admit to feeling overwhelmed by the detail they are being asked to provide to demonstrate the impact their organisations are having on people and the planet.

Thankfully, there’s Achilles — a supply chain specialist that provides the serious, detailed analysis and expert insight necessary to deliver exceptional ESG supply chain due diligence and reporting confidence.

Here are five reasons you need to start managing your supply chain due diligence and reporting with Achilles:

1. Broad risk evaluation

Many people think that you can understand your supply chain simply by scraping information from the internet about suppliers, but, of course, human rights abuses, such as modern slavery and child labour, and environmental damage, such as river pollution and illegal deforestation, will never be willingly shared on web sites for AI bots like Chat GPT to trawl and find.

Achilles collects and assesses supply chain data from a wide range of sources including (but not limited to) documentation from your suppliers, publicly accessible and historical information from the internet and investigation reports from NGOs and charities in addition to knowledge and insight collected from many years of in-person audits and worker interviews to provide you with the comprehensive picture of your supply chain risk.

This multi-disciplined approach is crucial for compliance with current and emerging global supply chain legislation.

2. Robust supply chain due diligence

Achilles’ highly skilled audit personnel are located across the globe to interrogate documentation, physically inspect workplaces, and confidentially speak with individuals who may be subject to unethical employment practices or human rights violations. Achilles undertakes thousands of audits every year to ensure you can, first, identify and then address human rights infringements and negative environmental impacts that may be happening within your supply chain – before they become the subject of a high-profile media investigation that puts your organisation on the front pages for the wrong reasons.

Achilles drives continual improvement through the tracking of audit report findings and remediation actions within the supply chain.

3. Report with confidence

With Achilles, you have the confidence that you are working with an industry leader that is committed to continually improving international supply chains. Achilles works in close partnership with law firms, human rights NGOs and leading commercial and governmental organisations around the world to protect people, the planet and profit.

Achilles supply chain risk analysis gives you the comprehensive information you require to operate with confidence and comply with all-important disclosures or reporting frameworks.

4. It’s easy!

Customers commonly praise Achilles for taking away the burden of supply chain risk management and regulatory compliance. With Achilles, you can feel confident you have all the information you need and work more efficiently with a dedicated solution specifically designed to support your reporting requirements – without the need to increase internal resources or invest in expensive in-house systems.

Better still, the Achilles solution is a great tool for both English and non-English speakers alike. Simply choose the language you want to work in and get started. Not only does that give you the information you need in English, but it also makes it easier for global teams to share important supply chain information and easier for your global suppliers to engage with the process to deliver you the best possible results.

You can also use the Achilles API to integrate supply chain information into your own in-house systems to support more efficient and lower-risk procurement.

Whichever way you use the Achilles platform, it always offers an excellent user experience.

5. It’s cost-effective

Achilles has the economies of scale to provide a global supply chain risk solution that fulfils both ESG legislative requirements and enables you to deliver on your own ambitious sustainability goals at a cost-effective price.

If you would like to have more confidence in your ability to meet increasingly stringent supply chain due diligence requirements, find out more about working with Achilles, and see your supply chain risk management burden disappear and your reporting confidence skyrocket.

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You can read more on Supply Chain Due Diligence compliance in our blog “When is enough, enough?”. Achilles also publishes comprehensive guides to different Supply Chain-related legislation around the world. Visit our Insights section to learn more.

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