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7 reasons your business should use Achilles for Carbon Reduction

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7 reasons your business should use Achilles for Carbon Reduction

In an era where environmental sustainability has become a global priority, businesses are increasingly recognising the need to reduce their carbon footprint. The consequences of climate change have become apparent, compelling companies to adopt greener practices and embrace carbon reduction strategies.

Implementing effective and efficient initiatives can be a daunting task, requiring expertise, data-driven insights, and the right tools to navigate this complex landscape. With increasing focus by governments, regulators customers, investors and lenders on sustainability and barely a week going by where big companies are accused of greenwashing on the front pages and even in the courts, being able to evidence what you are doing is crucial.

The Achilles Carbon Reduce scheme is designed to empower businesses in their carbon reduction journey. It offers a comprehensive and transformative approach towards achieving sustainability targets – enabling organizations to make informed decisions, take meaningful action, and contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

Here are seven reasons you need to start managing your greenhouse gas emissions measurement, management and reporting with Achilles.

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1. Extensive global experience

With over 15 years of delivering global carbon reduction solutions, Achilles has the expertise and experience to help you effectively manage you carbon emissions. This experience ensures you receive proven strategies and support tailored to your specific needs.

2. Comprehensive solution

The Achilles Carbon Reduce Scheme provides a holistic approach to carbon management. It covers all aspects of the carbon reduction process, providing a complete solution rather than a piecemeal approach. This integrated approach ensures that no critical areas are overlooked in the pursuit of your sustainability goals.

3. Get ISO14065 Accreditation and exceed best practice

Achilles Carbon Reduce scheme is the only carbon reporting programme to provide both the Operational ISO 14064-1:2018 and Product level ISO 14067:2018 accreditation. This accreditation sets Achilles apart from others in the industry and provides guaranteed credibility for your carbon reduction efforts.

Achilles also goes beyond meeting compliance standards by exceeding the requirements of ISO14064-1 and the GHG accounting protocol. By adhering to industry best practices, Achilles ensures your stay ahead in your carbon management efforts.

4. International Recognition and Acceptance

Achilles is internationally recognized and accepted by governments, certification bodies, regulators, and the investment community. Automatically accepted by UKAS under the IAF Multilateral Recognition Agreement (MLA) and 104 other countries and territories.

  • Accredited by UK government under the Climate Change Act 2008 as route to compliance for carbon (CRC) and the energy (ESOS and SECR) regulations.
  • Accredited by the Carbon Disclosure Project as a verification standard for companies reporting into the CDP and as a Science Based Targets (SBTi) provider.
  • Accredited by the International Carbon Reduction Offset Alliance (ICROA) – part of International Emissions Trading Association (IETA)
  • Meets all climate-related disclosure requirements including TCFD in the UK and BRSR Core in India

This recognition adds credibility to your carbon management efforts, providing assurance to stakeholders and investors.

5. It’s very cost-effective

Achilles removes the need for year-on-year consultancy support, reducing carbon management costs. By providing a comprehensive solution and transferring knowledge and skills, Achilles offers exceptional value for money compared to non-specialist consultancy firms.

Achilles customises its programs to meet the specific needs of each organisation. Whether you are starting your low-carbon journey or are already audit-ready, Achilles ensures that the program aligns with your goals and requirements. By tailoring the approach, Achilles ensures that you receive targeted support and guidance throughout your sustainability journey.

6. Streamlined Reporting

Achilles Carbon Reduce simplifies carbon measurement and disclosure with automated reporting. The platform inputs and calculates government emissions factors, making your reporting process efficient and accurate.

7. It works!

Most importantly for organisations and business leaders that are serious about reducing their GHG emissions, the Achilles Carbon Reduce programme is proven to work. On average, participants achieve 30% reductions in operational carbon over 3-4 years and 50% reductions over 5-6 years. Programme participants have also reported operational savings in the order of several millions of pounds per annum.

If you would like to have more confidence in your ability to meet increasingly stringent carbon measurement and reduction requirements, find out more about working with Achilles. Contact us.

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