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Futureproof Your Supply Chain: Achilles Empowers Indian Companies to Conquer BRSR Core with Ease

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Futureproof Your Supply Chain: Achilles Empowers Indian Companies to Conquer BRSR Core with Ease

  • Leveraging insights from leading ESG players and SEBI, the Achilles BRSR module aligns seamlessly with BRSR Core requirements for comprehensive value chain assurance and ESG disclosures, prioritizing streamlined supply chain operations.
  • The new module is available at no extra charge to buyers and for just $380 USD for their suppliers.

Mumbai, India.,15th February 2024: – Achilles Information Limited, the global leader in supplier pre-qualification and ESG risk management, has introduced a new BRSR Core module to enable Indian businesses to navigate the new SEBI reporting framework more easily and efficiently. The new Achilles BRSR Module provides the detailed supply chain data capture, analysis, accuracy and efficiency necessary for BRSR Core reporting and compliance. The module is available on the The MyAchilles platform and is available for all Achilles buyers at no extra cost and just $380 excluding tax per annum for their suppliers.

The new BRSR Core module is built on the foundation of three decades of Achilles supply chain innovation and support for the world’s leading organisations. It delivers the detailed data collection and analysis needed by India’s biggest corporations to enable them to meet BRSR Core reporting requirements with confidence. Featuring a set of supplier questions that have been carefully curated to align with the BRSR Core legislation and scoring system, it eases the burden of compliance and enables organizations to meet their obligations efficiently and robustly.

Exceptional BRSR Core reporting confidence

The MyAchilles platform frees procurement, sustainability and corporate governance teams from the complex management challenge of BRSR Core and provides the information required for compliance including:

  • Methodical data Collection: The supply chain data required by BRSR Core goes beyond regular operational boundaries. The Achilles process collects and assesses data from a wide range of sources including documentation from suppliers, publicly accessible and historical information from the internet, investigation reports from NGOs and charities and knowledge and insight from Achilles audits and worker interviews to provide the most comprehensive picture of supply chain risk.
  • Rigorous due diligence: The Achilles service includes the option of undertaking desktop or in-person supplier audits and worker interviews. Achilles undertakes many thousands of audits every year on behalf of corporate clients to enable them to identify and address human rights infringements and negative environmental impacts that may be happening within supply chains and clearly demonstrate they are meeting the requirement for proactive supplier due diligence.
  • New levels of supply chain data analysis: Users across the business can access supply chain data on the MyAchilles platform in a choice of languages, use it to clearly demonstrate the risk-based approach mandated by BRSR Core and run reports to identify risk areas, analyse supplier performance, and drive improvement. Data can also be integrated into core business systems such as ERP to take advantage of the powerful capabilities of the Achilles system and processes in day-to-day business processes and optimize procurement.
  • Local and global: The Achilles expert team based in Mumbai and around the world includes highly skilled validators and auditors working in more than 20 languages. This global reach and local presence ensure understanding of local regulations and culture and provide important local insights to enable superior supply chain risk management.
  • BRSR Core and beyond: The Achilles process provides the serious, detailed analysis and expert insight necessary to comply with the BRSR Core reporting frameworks. For Indian companies with large export markets, the Achilles platform also meets other reporting requirements around the world including Europe’s CSDDD and LKSG and Canada’s Bill S-211.
  • Ease and efficiency: With its user-friendly interface that has been designed from the ground up to meet requirements of procurement and sustainability professionals, Achilles is the ideal tool for businesses struggling toundertake the intensive and sustained supply chain management required by BRSR Core. In addition, Achilles processes have been perfected over many years to provide a very efficient way to capture the data and meet all-important reporting deadlines.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Achilles’ extensive supply chain due diligence experience and economies of scale make it possible for business to comply with BRSR Core in a highly efficient way, without the need to increase internal resources or invest in expensive in-house systems.
  • Supplier compliance and improvement :Suppliers that need to demonstrate their compliance with the framework will be keen to know that the BRSR module questionnaire has been designed to align with the SEBI requirements and will significantly help provide a holistic view of your preparedness and further reduce compliance burden. Suppliers compliant with BRSR Core can also leverage the first mover advantage to attract leading buyers and stand out as sustainable suppliers. Supplier reports are easily downloadable. Supplier information is visible to relevant buyers across the MyAchilles platform, providing suppliers with extensive new commercial opportunities and enabling stronger and longer-lasting supply chain partnerships to flourish.

For discerning buyers:

  • Elevate your supplier governance: Request a personalized consultation to discuss how Achilles BRSR Core can help you exceed compliance and mitigate ESG risks in your supply chain.

Forward-thinking suppliers:

  • Showcase your commitment: Register on The MyAchilles platform and demonstrate your adherence to the latest Indian regulations to expand your reach and attract new customers.

Press contact: Arya Nair, Marketing Manager, APAC

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For more than 30 years, Achilles has protected organisations’ business interests and reputations by providing unrivalled levels of supply chain transparency, carbon reduction and management. Achilles is the ESG and carbon management partner of choice for the world’s leading global brands.

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