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Supply Chain Resilience Index Q3 2023

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Supply Chain Resilience Index Q3 2023

The Achilles Supply Chain Resilience Index (ASCRI) is a time series index measuring changes in supply chain risk. The index measures underlying supply chain risk by country across six categories: Economic, Environmental, Labour Practices, Legal and Governance, Resilience, and Safety and Security.

For the Q3 2023 edition we provide a comprehensive analysis of the supply chain landscape, reflecting nuanced shifts in resilience and risk amidst fluctuating global conditions.

Key insights from the report include:

  • Mild Reduction in Risk: ASCRI recorded a slight decrease in risk to 59.1 from 58.8 in Q2, with both resilience and risk remaining at the higher end of the typical range, indicating sustained pressure on global supply chains​​.
  • Price Volatility: Significant price fluctuations were observed in food, energy commodities, and precious metals, primarily attributed to climate impacts and geopolitical tensions. These price spikes, coupled with tight labour markets in major economies, led to wage increases and subsequent price hikes​​.
  • Regional Economic Performance: Divergent growth patterns across regions, with India and China leading, contrasted by challenges in Europe and surprising stability in the US​.

This edition of ASCRI highlights the importance of navigating the intricate dynamics of supply chain management in an era marked by economic uncertainties, regional tensions, and environmental challenges.

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