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How Bartech worked with Achilles to demonstrate its sustainability credentials and enhance new business opportunities.

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How Bartech worked with Achilles to demonstrate its sustainability credentials and enhance new business opportunities.

Bartech provides critical support for diesel engines across oil and gas, marine, power generation, locomotive, and nuclear industry sectors.  Bartech’s core values are centred around creating long term partnerships and sharing expertise to enable them to continuously improve and deliver market leading quality and service to their customers.

Bartech made a strategic decision to use Achilles because it enabled them to clearly demonstrate their business credentials across a wide range of criteria. This included financial strength, health and safety and cyber security as well as environmental, social and governance (ESG).

Challenges Faced by Bartech Before Achilles

Before Bartech worked with Achilles, they faced hurdles in establishing their status on various supplier lists. This challenge hindered their ability to effectively showcase their strengths, especially regarding the nuclear industry.

The Achilles Solution

Achilles provided Bartech with an innovative approach, offering detailed data validation, desk and site audits, and worker interviews. This enabled Bartech to demonstrate superior ESG credentials and gain supply chain confidence from buyers.

Achilles enabled Bartech to consolidate the management of their supplier credentials in one place. With Achilles they were able to complete one comprehensive questionnaire to meet a wide range of buyer criteria.

Bartech benefited from having its supplier credentials independently verified by Achilles which provided greater buyer confidence. It enabled them to easily share the information shared as part of the Achilles process with potential new customers.

Bartech also chose to take the next step with Achilles, voluntarily undertaking an Achilles on site audit to show its commitment to quality and transparency and enhancing its profile further.

By simplifying the pre-qualification and tendering process, Bartech Marine saved significant time and resources. Completing one questionnaire and paying one fee gave them access to desired buyers, streamlining their business operations.

Impact on Bartech

Embracing the Achilles network allowed Bartech to grow their market reach as a recognised supplier. They benefited from improved compliance standards through Achilles’ in-depth data validation, extensive audit services, and ESG scoring. This drove improvement and boosted customer confidence​​. An example of this is the partnership with EDF, responsible for managing multiple sites, highlights the doors opened by Achilles. The financial impact is clear: Bartech added upwards of £1 million in revenue, attributed directly to their presence within the Achilles’ network. 

Future Plans and Sustainability Goals

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Looking ahead, Bartech remains committed to maintaining high standards and pursuing growth. With sustainability at the forefront of global concerns, Bartech’s continued relationship with Achilles strengthens its journey towards reducing carbon footprint and meeting due diligence requirements in the green space.

Bartech’s success within the Achilles network highlights the obvious benefits for suppliers seeking to improve their market position and meet buyer demands in sustainability and supply chain management.  It also shows the value added to buyers’ supply chains, serving as an inspiring model for potential new suppliers.

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