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Do business in less time with less effort and less risk

Buyers can use our feature-rich platform to gain detailed insights into supplier organisations during the procurement process – and to monitor their performance data.

For suppliers it’s a way to present their credentials to a whole world of buyers through a single shop window and become eligible for new tenders.


Tools to help you get the most from the platform


Filter down the field and create instant shortlists based on how well suppliers match the criteria that matter most to you.


Track key metrics at a glance using the online dashboard, as well as receiving regular offline summaries on specific suppliers, products or services.

Clear warnings

If a supplier has provided us with incomplete data or if their information is out of date, we provide clear warning.

Save your preferences

Take the effort out of recurring procurement events by saving your search criteria and past results.

Dynamically update in-house systems

Data exchange functionality means that when any of our information changes, your systems are automatically updated too.

Request for more information

Ask for more details from a shortlist of suppliers to help qualify them for an upcoming tender. Adding contract specific questions saves time later in the procurement process.

Third party data integrations

Tap into extra sources of information to build an even more complete picture of suppliers, track their activities and keep automatically updated if anything changes.

Scoring systems

Decide what you’re looking for in a supplier based on your own criteria and we’ll turn their data into a single score you can use to make at-a-glance comparisons.

Community stamps and certificates

All qualified suppliers can download stamps and certificates they can use to let the world know about their credentials.

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