How to be the perfect supplier

We want buyers to see you in the best possible light. These tips are designed to help you make the most of your profile.

Get started

Get started

Set up your profile

Complete a preliminary online questionnaire, giving basic details about your company, your finances and the products and services you supply. You’ll complete the full questionnaire after you’ve made your payment.

Be prepared

The full questionnaire should only take around 2 or 3 hours to complete if you have the information you’ll need to hand. We suggest reading the Quick Start Guide in the ‘Help and Support’ section of your community’s page. That will give you an overview of the information you’ll need. You can then speak with the relevant departments within your business and make a start getting everything together.


Your dedicated Account Manager will get in touch to walk you through the process of completing your profile and making your payment. We can take all major methods of payment over the phone so, if you have the details ready, the process should be quick and easy.


Get validated

Pre-qualification questionnaire

Once payment is received, you’ll be sent the full pre-qualification questionnaire. This needs to be completed and submitted within 30 days of your payment.

Prepare to be published

Before we publish your profile, we’ll need to validate the information you’ve given us. Depending on the requirements of your community, this may involve a simple data check or – in the case of higher risk operations – an audit. If you need an audit, we’ll help you understand what will be covered by looking through the audit protocol and how the assessment will work ahead of time.

Get extra advice

Our Customer Success Team are on hand to offer any help you might need in completing your questionnaire. We also regularly run hour-long webinars you can join to understand how everything works. And if any data you provide is incorrect or incorrectly formatted, we can help you clear those issues up too.

Get validated
Make the most of your subscription

Make the most of your subscription

Attract new business

You’ll now be visible to buyers searching for businesses like yours – and may even appear in their customised alerts.

Training and advice

Our Customer Success Team run webinars designed to show you how you can manage your profile to maximise your appeal to buyers. They’ll be able to offer you a wealth of tips but, for a start, remember to add your community stamp and certificate to your marketing materials.


Stay relevant

Keep up-to-date

Provide ongoing assurance to the community’s buyers by keeping all your details up-to-date. We’ll send you alerts to let you know if something is about to expire, but it’s best practice to keep on top of it – especially as expired documentation can prevent you appearing in buyers’ searches.

Know your audience

Seeing yourself through buyers’ eyes can give you a real advantage. Join our Customer Success Team for a free one-hour webinar where you can learn more about how buyers use the platform and what kind of information matters most to them.

Stay relevant

Your own supplier account manager

As soon as you register an interest with us you will be assigned an Account Manager. They’ll be your direct line of contact throughout your subscription. They’re on hand to help you get published and answer any questions, making sure you make the most of your subscription.