Jay Katzen

Chief Executive Officer

Jay Katzen

Role at Achilles

As CEO, Jay’s focus is to ensure Achilles partners with our customers to deliver the value and insights they expect to help them achieve their goals. That means ensuring that buyers and suppliers alike have every opportunity to benefit from stronger, more open and transparent relationships that help them minimise risk, improve compliance, deliver insights and maximise the value of working together. With more than 30 years of experience behind Achilles, Jay’s goal is to continue to build Achilles as the global leader and partner of choice for supply chain risk and performance management.

Lessons from the past

Jay’s background in the scientific and medical sector has given him deep experience of leading complex, international, data-driven businesses that deliver information, services and insight. In his most recent role, as President of Elsevier’s Clinical Solutions (CS) business, he launched a series of new platforms and solutions to improve the quality, safety and effectiveness of care. As he says,

“The focus has to be on continuously improving the value we deliver for our customers and leading a highly engaged team. Get those right, and no matter the nature of your business, you’ll be going in the right direction.”

Jay is described by those who work with him as a “high-energy leader, collaborative, transparent and intensely focused on customers, employees and results.”

Away from work

As a US citizen living in the UK, Jay has needed to get accustomed to the word “football” being used to describe a sport other than his beloved gridiron. Despite that, he’s loving his life this side of the pond. Family time with his wife and three children ranks as one of his greatest pleasures, alongside walking Cooper, the golden retriever who doubles as the Achilles company mascot.

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