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What does working with Achilles mean for you?
Supplier Risk and Performance Improvement Programme

At Achilles, our decades of experience have given us unparalleled depth of knowledge regarding the common obstacles and pitfalls of rolling out a supplier assurance programme. We know how to best position your programme for success, and we have designed our processes around key decision points and milestones to ensure you meet your objectives.

Our questionnaires are built using modules that have been deployed to over suppliers operating in more than 10 sectors, and in 12 languages across the globe. Leveraging our extensive work with these suppliers, we know what questions are critical in each of our content areas. We know how to design a classification system that ensures suppliers are assured to the level of detail relevant for them. We know how to craft the questions to collect responses as data point that can be used to drive strategic decisions about your supply base. We know how to support suppliers – through help text, web chat, and dedicated training and support in local languages.

Our customers who choose a Professional or Enterprise package have the opportunity to customise the questions their suppliers must complete. Designing a questionnaire requires a lot of thought, and Achilles is with you every step of the way, bringing our leadership and experience to design workshops to ensure your supplier data delivers on your business objectives. Starting with the content areas most important to you, and considering both the supplier burden and your success criteria, we will build a custom questionnaire that delivers to your needs.

Designing your content

The supplier experience is driven by the content you want to collect, and the application of appropriate levels of content collection to your supply base. For more information on the range of content we can offer off-the-shelf, have a look at offer off-the-shelf, have a look at the detail.

Our breadth and depth of experience means we know who to ask, what to ask, and how to ask the question, to turn the responses into data points.

Achilles works with you to identify relevant content modules from our online questionnaires and audit protocols, to ensure that we collect the appropriate information from your suppliers 

Not every supplier needs to respond to a full questionnaire or be audited. We help you manage your long tail of suppliers through our supplier classification system. Classification can be agreed and deployed at the Community level, or at the individual buying organisation level for Professional and Enterprise subscribers. Achilles works with you to determine the appropriate classification of your suppliers, often directing those who are low on the risk or profit impact measure to a short, Member questionnaire, and requesting more information – a Silver or Gold level of assurance – for those with higher risk, complexity, or strategic importance. 

Implementation & Programme Management  

The approach Achilles takes to the implementation journey is both consultative, informative and rigorous.  We will If your package includes custom content options, Achilles will appoint a dedicated team to manage the overall delivery of your supplier assurance programme. This team will use a process-based delivery methodology to ensure effective launch and nurturing of the programme. The project team will provide structured governance of the project delivery, including risk mitigation, full project planning and tracking, as well as accountability for delivery. The project team will set up a clear communications plan, organise and structure all meetings and stakeholder workshops/sessions. 

Implementation Phasing 

Rolling out a Professional or Enterprise supplier assurance program involves a lot of coordination and collaboration.  Implementing a solution that is sustainable within your organisation to provide longevity and ROI for the coming years is our primary objective. In our long experience, the timely delivery of similar solutions is dependent on mobilisation of project teams, process experts and stakeholders in the different geographies/business units who participate in the program.  Our proveninformed change management programme is our key differentiator with our customers.  

Milestone 1  We help you to understand what is necessary to mobilise a supplier assurance programme.  

Milestone 2 – We run workshops with your key stakeholders to define and agree detailed requirements. 

Milestone 3  We configure your custom content in our systems to ensure the programme delivers on your objectives. 

Milestone 4  We invite your suppliers to join the programme and provide local support to ensure you get the visibility you need into your supply chain. 

Milestone 5 – We deliver analytical tools and key metrics so you can track programme performance against your goals, and work more closely with your suppliers on raising standards in your supply chain. 

Beyond Milestones – a full rollout doesn’t mean we are done. We monitor your supplier data to ensure it stays up to date, manage renewals, and work with you to ensure new suppliers are regularly added to the programme, as your supply chain evolves.