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Managing your supply chain is complex enough without also having to deal with numerous unintuitive and siloed systems

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From supplier pre-qualification to compliance and initiating tenders, we help buyers make procurement less time-consuming and labour-intensive. By collecting and verifying supplier data and automating key parts of your internal processes, we help make your workflows reliable and predictable.

Effective risk management is impossible without oversight. Inefficient and hard to use data collection and management systems make it harder to turn insight into action. Working across industries and all over the world, our expert team have experience of working with every kind of supply chain. Our workflow tools reduce the amount of time you spend collecting and verifying data, allowing you to operate more strategically.

Supplier data management costs millions each year with many companies spending in excess of

10 $

per supplier annually to manage supplier information
Gartner 2015


Raising standards in the workplace

We help you solve workflow challenges

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Automate tasks

Increase productivity by reducing the time taken to perform repetitive tasks

Digitalise processes

Increasing productivity, making cost efficiencies and remaining competitive will all be met when adopting digital processes

Improve business performance

Automating processes and restructuring operational resources to contain costs. Uncovering organisational inefficiencies to connect systems and cut down on resource time

Integrate data sources

Integration allows optimisation of business processes, reduced costs and bottlenecks


How it works

From the procurement process through to your ongoing relationships, our portfolio is designed to boost performance and reduce risk - every step of the way.

Data exchange

Exchanging data between our solutions and your existing ERP, ePurchasing or back-office systems enables you to improve, maintain and use accurate supplier information across your company.

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Request information

Ask for more details from a shortlist of suppliers to help qualify them for an upcoming tender. Adding contract specific questions saves time later in the procurement process.

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Performance Feedback

Evaluate your suppliers against an agreed set of criteria for both ongoing and concluded contracts. Understanding the performance of suppliers with other buyers also provides a valuable insight when shortlisting potential suppliers for new contracts.

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Scoring and Classification

Our scoring model allows for objective scoring of suppliers against selected criteria. You can configure the scoring model and apply weighting to reflect the criteria of greatest importance to your business. The scores for each supplier appear in your search results and help you prioritise, pre-qualify, compare and benchmark suppliers.

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This toolkit – backed up by guidance from our experts – is designed to help you navigate the complexities of EU procurement regulations.

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Valuable insights and business intelligence are the building blocks for performance and opportunity – we can give you a unique view across every level of the supply chain and your place within it.

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“In terms of value, Achilles BuildingConfidence gives Skanska visibility and transparency of our supply chain and highlights where the major risks lie.”

Dale Turner, Director of Procurement and Supply Chain – Skanska UK

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