Prequalification questionnaires

These essential tools are your first step towards finding suppliers who can deliver on your contracts while meeting all your compliance standards.

Establish the essentials

The answers to these industry-specific questions allow us to provide you with a quick way of determining which suppliers fit your criteria. From there our additional features help you refine your search.

Filter down the field

Score suppliers: Tell us what’s important to you and we’ll use our questionnaire data to score suppliers against your needs.

Find out more: You can add additional questions – even supplier specific ones – to the questionnaires, ensuring you have all the information you need to make the right choice.

Keep it relevant: Our NOTiCE feature alerts well-matched suppliers when you post new tenders.

Stay informed: Our performance feedback feature lets you know if a supplier’s questionnaire data changes for the better.

Why use them?

When it comes to procurement, cutting corners is far too risky. But being diligent doesn’t mean you can’t be efficient.

Combined with our community model, prequalification questionnaires allow you to move from  managing a tender, to accessing to a pool of high-quality potential suppliers, to having a well-vetted shortlist – all in a minimum of time, with a minimum of effort.

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