COVID-19 Resources for Suppliers

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These are unprecedented times

Despite significant efforts to contain the spread of the virus, countries around the world continue to be hugely impacted.

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There is no mistaking that we are living in unique times. Business continuity is front of mind for many businesses, and supply chains will need to flex to accommodate dramatically different demand and working conditions. At Achilles, it is our mission to ensure that we effectively connect buyers and suppliers to ensure continuity of business wherever possible.

Many procurement organisations are taking action to ensure continuity of supply for high risk products and services. Buyers are identifying critical suppliers and products or services at risk and putting continuity plans in place to ensure their supply chains will survive this crisis.

A sample of

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in COVID-19 affected areas using Achilles show an increase in searches from Feb to Mar 2020.

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Understand the trends, data and practical tips you can follow to help reduce the impact of the pandemic on your business.

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How to survive the crisis

There are steps you can take to ensure you maintain a strong pipeline of demand and appropriate cash flow to keep your business healthy. Read more.

Additional resources

The latest industry reports and resources following the impact of COVID-19 on supply chains, and more importantly, legal advice for small and medium businesses. Read more.

Stay visible to Buyers

Many Buyers are looking to mitigate risks in their supply chain by looking for new and alternative sources of supply. Talk to us if you would like to learn more about the 850 Buyers, 10 sectors and 30+ countries we work in. Get in touch.

Urgent Tenders

Some Buyers are looking to fast track tenders and source suppliers quickly amid the crisis. Do you have a product or service that fits the project specification? Read more.

Need to know


Please do also contact your local Account Manager or Guru if you have any specific questions or concerns.

Our teams continue to provide support for all our customers at this difficult time, and they are ready to help you. Click here to find the contact details for your local Achilles team.

Whilst we acknowledge that this is a difficult time for global business, we believe it is more important than ever to maintain your Achilles Community supplier subscription or buyer membership. For suppliers and buyers, a clear, transparent, accurate and compliant supply chain is critical in order to ensure continuation of supply.

At this time, we have not revised our refund policy. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of your Community subscription or membership for full details.

We are working with our buyer members across all sectors to help them identify alternative sources of supply. We recommend that you check your Achilles profile to make sure it details accurately the products and services you can provide, and the regions you can provide them to. Now more than ever it is essential that your Achilles profile is up to date and visible to buyers.

Visit our Help site for further guidance on checking and updating your profile.


Our Audit Team are working to ensure that all scheduled audits are carried out where possible.

Due to the current situation, and in the interests of our customers and our staff, we have implemented a virtual audit process whereby we can provide the audit service you expect without unnecessary risk to the people involved.

The will be contacting all customers who have an audit scheduled to explain the options available.


What is a virtual audit?

A virtual audit is just like the management systems element of our current audit products, however, it is carried out electronically through the use of a Skype or Microsoft Teams link sent by your dedicated Auditor. This link can also be shared with your colleagues who might be required to assist you during the audit process. The Auditor will work his or her way through the audit protocol and ask you to share information on screen.


How do I prepare for a virtual audit?

For the most part you should prepare just like a normal audit, however, we would recommend collecting or copying any documentation that is in hard copy so that this can also be displayed during the assessment. Before the audit it is important to review the audit evidence guidance document (sent by the Scheduling Team) which provides a list of evidence your Auditor may wish to see. The meeting invite can also be forwarded to your colleagues should you need their support during the audit. They can join (and leave) the meeting at any time just like a regular visit.


Are virtual audits recognised by our customers?

Achilles have worked closely with buyers across our communities in developing an audit programme that meets their requirements. The virtual audit has been recognised as providing a level of assurance like your normal face to face audit. Because of this recognition the audit will be uploaded to the system and will be valid for your 2020/21 subscription ensuring you continue to meet the requirements of your customers.


What happens if I have a physical site audit?

For companies who receive a management system and site audit as part of their UVDB Verify registration the UVDB Steering Group have agreed to recognise the management system audit until site work resumes. When restrictions on work and travel are lifted Achilles will work closely with you to visit site and complete the audit to ensure you demonstrate full compliance as soon as possible.