Achilles Information and Aquipa announce product to reduce plant related worksite accidents

31 jan 2019

A new product, developed by Achilles Information and Aquipa provides buyers, site managers, and HSE managers better visibility into and control over all plant hired to work on site, ensuring compliance with best-practice maintenance and safety procedures.

Achilles Onsite Plant leverages the latest cloud-based and mobile technology to deliver the UK’s first solution enabling real-time insights into all plant in a buyer’s supply chain. The system digitizes and streamlines all critical processes to verify assets’ required service and appropriate operation.

The solution removes the guesswork of hiring compliant plant and significantly reduces plant management time, delivering a whole new level of assurance and ultimately, fewer plant-related accidents.

Other significant benefits include robust audit trails, significantly reduced site induction times, and streamlined buyer/supplier/regulator collaboration. All facets of Onsite Plant are configurable to unique buyer, industry and geographic requirements – including personalised dashboards, registration forms and questionnaires.

Key features include:

  • Plant Register: Each asset has a detailed digital profile containing images, descriptions, appropriate uses, insurance documentation, location history, usage log, and more.
  • Service Schedules: See completed and scheduled services; ensuring assets are adequately maintained. Approaching manufacturer recommended services are alerted to both buyers and suppliers too.
  • Digital Checklists: View pending and completed actions related to a vast array of standard and customizable checklists associated with a specific asset and work sites.
  • Mobile Enabled: Inductions and inspections can be carried out from any mobile device.

Lee Brunsden, Construction sector lead at Achilles commented:

“We’re delighted to be working alongside Aquipa to launch Achilles Onsite Plant. The system will have a hugely positive impact on the safety of UK construction sites by addressing a primary cause of time delays and work site accidents.

“Onsite Plant is the latest offering in our assurance portfolio and we’re confident that this closes a necessary gap in the market. It is exciting to be able to provide UK industry with an opportunity to protect not only their property, but the people working on their sites.”

Jeff Muto, Aquipa CEO added:

“It’s critical that UK buyers can trust the suppliers they hire every day to get important work done. But the reality is that doing the right thing the right way can be difficult and expensive for suppliers, and identifying when shortcuts are taken is virtually impossible for buyers. We developed the solution to meet this challenge, which is a specific problem when dealing with plant coming on site. We’re thrilled to bring this offering to market with Achilles.”

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