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Supply Chain Resilience Index Q1 2023

The Achilles Supply Chain Resilience Index (ASCRI) is a time series index measuring changes in supply chain risk. The index measures underlying supply chain risk by country across six categories: Economic, Environmental, Labour Practices, Legal and Governance, Resilience, and Safety and Security.

ASCRI Report: Q1 2023

The Achilles Supply Chain Resilience Index (ASCRI) for Q1 2023 reveals a nuanced outlook for both supply chain resilience and the global economy. While improvements have been observed in supply chain resilience over the past two quarters, the overall outlook remains modest, with many consumers and businesses still facing considerable challenges.

Download the quarterly ASCRI Report to learn more about the supply chain impacts of:

  • Suggestion of a prolonged period of slower economic expansion
  • Persistent high inflation
  • Geopolitical conflicts
  • Weakened consumer spending


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