Achilles Experiences: The Supply Chain Code of Practice and Achilles FPAL

Article by Achilles

Bibby Line Group has supported the oil and gas industry since the early eighties. In 2003, the Group consolidated all their offshore activities to realign as Bibby Offshore Limited.

Building on a long successful maritime heritage, Bibby Offshore have become established as a high quality, safety conscious provider of innovative, value-added solutions in the areas of project management and engineering, diving operations, construction services, inspection, repair and maintenance offshore. Bibby Offshore are registered as
both a Buyer and Supplier in the Achilles FPAL community. As a Buyer, Bibby Offshore use Achilles FPAL as an essential tool during the Invitation to Tender process but also in adherence with the Supply Chain Code of Practice (SCCOP).

As a Supplier, Bibby Offshore Ltd have undertaken the Advanced Registration Questionnaire (ARQ) which prevents the duplication of effort and supply of company details during requests for information (RFI) as part of the tender process. Bibby Offshore deliver project management services within the high risk sector of the oil and gas industry, including Subsea and IRM operations. To reaffirm their strong safety record, Bibby Offshore have taken part in Achilles FPAL Verify an independent audit, to evaluate the organisation’s Quality, Health Safety and Environment, Competence and Training capabilities.

Bibby Offshore Ltd are an advocate of the forward workplans promoted in conjunction with the Department of Energy for Climate Change (DECC) on Achilles FPAL. Forward workplans identify projects planned for the North Sea in the forthcoming 18 months. This is a valuable information source for suppliers to learn about contract opportunities in relation to the services they provide. Bibby Offshore are involved in Performance Feedback in their capacity as both an Achilles FPAL registered buyer and supplier. Bibby Offshore utilise performance feedback to identify areas for
improvement based on the resulting feedback scores. Bibby Offshore feel that Performance Feedback scores are valuable because they display a supplier’s actual performance as well as project areas to monitor for future performance. Performance Feedback graphs are presented at Director Level during board meetings and during Operational review meetings. Bibby Offshore also use their Achilles FPAL buyer registration in accordance with the industry wide initiative, endorsed by PILOT, known as the SCCOP, examples include:

• Bibby Offshore use Achilles FPAL as a search facility to identify suppliers and evaluate their capabilities
• Promoting forward workplans on assists Bibby Offshore to establish transparency within the supply chain and open lines of communication
• Performance Feedback is used by Bibby Offshore as an improvement tool for supplier relationships.

This effective application of Achilles FPAL has assisted with Bibby Offshore maintaining Gold Standard status in compliance with the Supply Chain Code of Practice.

Bibby offshore

“Bibby Offshore use Achilles FPAL as an essential tool during the Invitation to Tender (ITT) process. Achilles FPAL can reduce time during vendor sourcing, and selection, through access to an abundant amount of supplier capability profiles which are visible online 24/7. We also use Performance Feedback as a vital business improvement tool”.
Dan Wright, Commercial Manager, Bibby Offshore Ltd

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