Achilles Experiences: Achilles FPAL supports Technip’s Commitment to Contract Performance Management

Article by Achilles

Technip is a world leader in project management, engineering and construction for the energy industry. In subsea hydrocarbon field development, Technip’s activities include the design, manufacture and installation of rigid and flexible subsea pipelines and umbilicals. Using a portfolio of technologies, industrial and operational assets on all continents and a state-of-the art fleet, Technip offers a unique vertically integrated model in the industry.


Measurements drive behaviour and a good contract performance measurement system helps extend best practice across an organisation’s supply chain. In the UK, the Contract Management Plan (CMP) process and methodology developed by Technip relies on using Achilles FPAL Performance Feedback as an effective means to assess and monitor contract performance.


Recognised as a critical discipline within the CMP process, performance feedback uses a range of tasks and tools to identify improvement and growth opportunities. Operationally this means using Achilles FPAL Performance Feedback throughout the contract phase to monitor quality, delivery, documentation, planning, HSE, competency, interfaces and invoice payment management, and is seen as a key instrument for reinforcing successful business-to-business relationships.


Although Achilles FPAL Performance Feedback helps Technip to deliver a consistent style and approach to contract reviews, it is not a one-size-fits-all review process. It can be tailored to track the contract success factors and performance goals for any given scope of activities and, regardless of contract criticality (which is determined in a way that is appropriate to the extent and duration of the contract) Achilles FPAL Performance Feedback is used to extend best practice across the supply chain, improve mutual performance and provide an early warning mechanism for any potential issues. For Technip, performance feedback is used to increase the probability of successful contracts and helps to deliver the business outcomes for all parties. To be effective, both parties need to be committed to regular contract review meetings and recognise the obvious connection between contract monitoring and the business improvement philosophy behind Achilles FPAL Performance Feedback.

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