How it works

Our range of online tools and reports help your procurement, sustainability and risk teams quickly see a supplier’s pre-qualification status, and view critical documents and information relating to their standards and capabilities. There’s one simple, online platform for everything.

We know the right questions to ask your supply base

We know the right questions to ask your supply base

Core pre-qualification questions

We use an initial registration process and risk model to automatically segment your suppliers based on criteria that is important to you or to the community. All suppliers are asked the same basic set of questions across the board. We use data such as the products and services they supply, business locations, annual revenues, anticipated contract value or number of employees to determine their required pre-qualification path.

Business critical questions

Pre-qualification paths range from a basic registration for low-risk supplier profiles, through to a comprehensive pre-qualification questionnaire with a one or two-day on-site audit for your most critical vendors. Questionnaires are aligned to the needs of specific industry sectors and geographies and typically cover the following business-critical areas: health and safety, quality management, ethical business practices, environmental sustainability and cybersecurity.

Buyer specific questions

A range of additional specialist pre-qualification questions can also be added to supplement the core and business critical questions. These questions can be applied to your entire supply base or just to your key suppliers.


We know how to check and assure supplier information

With validators

We initially validate information through our support teams across 40 countries in 24 languages. We check the data against the agreed validation rules and if errors are found, the questionnaire is returned to the supplier for them to correct. Only once the data reaches the required standard do we make it visible for buyers to search.

With auditors

For all products and services, high-risk and critical ones in particular, you need to have confidence in supplier pre-qualification information. Our team of qualified assessors and auditors provide on location site audits to validate suppliers' capabilities and ensure compliance with legislative and corporate standards.

With third party data feeds

One of the biggest challenges is to reduce the administrative burden on suppliers during pre-qualification and due diligence. Our third party feeds provide a simple and efficient way to import trusted and validated data into supplier's profiles - greatly reducing the time it takes them to complete the questionnaire.

We know how to check and assure supplier information
A number of tools and features to help make decisions

A number of tools and features to help make decisions

Performance feedback

We provide services for managing your existing contracts and vendor relationships. Our Performance Feedback module provides an online framework and process to help you review, rate and develop existing supplier performance. While the system can be configured, the default criteria enable cross-community comparison of suppliers, and include product quality, documentation and business ethics.


Our scoring tools, when combined with our pre-qualification solutions, makes compliance management easy. You can assess and score individual suppliers against key internal criteria and share different information with different levels of your company, all in a single report. You can support all your internal approval processes and ensure that you only work with compliant and “approved suppliers”.

Mapping and network visualisation

Supply Chain Mapping collects information on sub-suppliers, links relationships and expands visibility of the wider supply chain network. In addition to searches by supplier name or country, our solution lets you search suppliers by product category, so you are able to quickly identify all the suppliers contributing to the production of a specific product or that supply particular sub-components.


Ongoing management and monitoring means all your suppliers are up to date

Full support for your suppliers

With 23 offices worldwide, covering 28 languages our teams are always on hand to help suppliers throughout the process. Our account management and guru teams provide support for suppliers during the onboarding, questionnaire completion and audit. We send regular newsletters, host virtual training sessions and invite them to events to keep them informed throughout their subscription.


Our Buyer Alerts capability lets you track data updates and status changes for any suppliers or product codes you select. This can support specific sourcing events or scenarios where you have responsibility for managing a roster of vendors or group of products.


Track key metrics at a glance using the online dashboard, as well as receiving regular offline summaries on specific suppliers, products or services. With the online dashboard you can save and record search results for an audit trail and run reports, which you can then share with colleagues on our platform or export to use in other systems.

Ongoing management and monitoring means all your suppliers are up to date
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