Labour Practice Audits

With legislators demanding accountability to eliminate slavery and human trafficking from the supply chain, organisations need to take steps to implement policies to demonstrate compliance.

Complementing our core audit offering, our Labour Practice Audits gather insight from employee interviews and HR related policies and procedures to provide an additional level of rigour to your organisation’s Code of Conduct, CSR and modern slavery statements. Our qualified auditors will engage with personnel working on sites nominated by you to capture first-hand experience of their employment. Our management system audits assess policies and procedures key to ensuring ethical employment. Both audits providing you with insight on how labour practices are cascaded throughout the supply chain to empower your organisation to drive better compliance and risk management.

  • Understand – trends and the workforce profile of your supply chain
  • Assess – how your standards are followed by suppliers and contractors
  • Mitigate – risks that could lead to labour malpractice and safety issues in your supply chain
  • Demonstrate – actions based on independently verified evidence

Acknowledging the problem is the first step

There is no point in sugar-coating the issue: modern slavery exists everywhere. It’s the responsibility of both buyers and suppliers to prove, rather than hope, it’s not within their supply chain. It’s better to investigate now and deal with any issues you find, than waiting to deal reactively later down the line.

Our Labour Practice Audit programme helps our customers understand what’s really happening in their supply chain from those with first-hand knowledge – the people contracted to work on site and enables buyers and suppliers to gain a comprehensive overview of the people working for them. Business leadership is the most important part of the fight against modern slavery, and there is a growing expectation among regulators and customers that companies need to actively do good instead of simply avoiding wrongdoing.

Hear from Alice Hands, Head of Ethical and Sustainable Procurement at Sir Robert McAlpine on her experience with our programme.

Asking the tough questions

Labour Practice Audits are an on-site audit covering a range of issues such as working conditions and rights, rates of pay, right to work and knowledge and implementation of relevant HR policies and processes. Audits can be carried out as a “one off”, ad-hoc or on an annual / recurring basis and are designed to meet the following objectives:

  • demonstrate an company’s commitment to ensuring the fair treatment of  workers
  • to enhance transparency and visibility of working practices within a supply chain
  • to provide an independent, impartial view of supplier or contractor performance.

Why us?

At Achilles, our purpose is to help you raise standards across your supply chain and improve your business performance. Our aim is to deliver value to you from our very first conversation. Our capabilities make it easier for organisations to achieve strategic goals and meet regulatory commitments. As part of our commitment to build more ethical supply chains, we’ve partnered with Unseen UK and the Supply Chain Sustainability School to equip our customers with key insights and best-in-class training resources.

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