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Round table: Addressing Supply Chain Challenges in the Shipping Industry

Round table: Addressing Supply Chain Challenges in the Shipping Industry

Tuesday, 27 August 24 I 4pm - 6pm I M/S Rogaland, Stavanger Harbour

It is with great pleasure that Achilles invites you to attend an interactive, in-person roundtable discussion. This event will be followed by networking drinks and refreshments.

With scrutiny increasing from stakeholders and regulators, as well as inflation, disruption and increasing budgetary pressure, the shipping sector has an opportunity to simultaneously achieve compliance with new supply chain legislation and improve operational efficiency across the procurement function. ​

The recently approved CSRD and CSDDD legislation alongside Norway’s Åpenhetsloven and Germany’s LKSG, set out clear requirements for managing, mitigating and reporting ESG related activity and impact.

Shipping companies today are operating in a siloed manner, despite commonality across the supply chain,​creating duplication of effort​. The absence of a standardised approach is hampering efforts to benchmark and improve shipping supply chain performance. Supplier onboarding assessments are deployed manually and often on a ‘once and done’ basis without ongoing monitoring and failing to satisfy internal and external audit requirements or support annual ESG / sustainability reporting​.

In the face of a new era of supply chain regulation, a solution is required to enable the industry to meet emerging compliance requirements.

Why attend?

Shipping is increasingly subject to new levels of scrutiny – by communities, governments, and investors alike. For shipping companies looking to reduce risk, unlock strong business performance and meet compliance obligations, their approach to sustainability must be central concern – now and in the future. 

Join shipping industry peers to discuss what these challenges mean for shipping as the sector seeks to capitalise on the sustainability opportunity and how cross-sector collaboration might help to achieve its sustainability goals more efficiently and effectively.


This roundtable discussion will bring together procurement and sustainability leaders from the shipping community, as well as energy majors and sustainability and compliance experts to discuss:

  • Overview of the new European legislation: Key changes, reporting requirements, and alignment with global frameworks
  • Practical insights: How shipping companies can prepare for implementation.
  • Challenges and opportunities: Leveraging sustainability standards for enhanced sustainability performance, procurement efficiency and reputational gains.
  • Due diligence and transparency: Best practices, challenges, and emerging technologies.
  • Supply chain risk assessment and mitigation: Practical approaches and tools.

This event will also provide you the opportunity to network with fellow shipping industry professionals with a common interest in sustainability, ESG regulation and procurement best practice.


This is a free in-person event open to eligible shipping professionals. Places are limited. To secure your place, please use the contact form below.

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