Achilles Connect – Buyers’ seminar on Cybersecurity

29 Nov 2018 - Hamburg, Germany

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We will use this day to tackle the issue of Cybersecurity from a procurement viewpoint to help buying organisations minimise risk in the supply chain.

Why attend?

The latest cyber attacks, like WannaCry, for example, leave no doubt: businesses worldwide are under threat from increasingly sophisticated hackers.

The globalisation of supply chains merely serves to heighten the risk because now it extends to the entire network of suppliers and sub-suppliers. Cyber security within supply chains has therefore become a priority issue to ensure the competitiveness and survival of companies in the 21st century.

In this workshop, we examine the threat with input from experts and a generous helping of pragmatism. You can look forward to our specialist  and Achilles presentations.


The agenda includes presentations from:

  • Andreas Dondera, Head of the Central Cybercrime Centre, Hamburg State Criminal Police Office
  • Andreas Lemke, Security Expert Andreas Lemke, Head of Audit, GUTcert

The workshop will conclude with a roundtable and lunch together.




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