Chris Methven

Chief Customer Officer

Chris Methven

Role at Achilles

As our Chief Customer Officer, Chris leads our sales and account management teams. He is responsible for driving sales across a global footprint by managing diverse international sales teams, as well as ensuring that all our customers experience a high standard of consistent account management throughout their journey with Achilles. Ensuring that we offer customers the highest levels of assurance through Achilles services and products, is a priority for Chris and his team.

Lessons from the past

Chris has spent the last 15 years in various sales and services leadership roles in the enterprise software and consulting sector. With a particular focus on asset intensive companies, he has led Sales, Marketing and Business Development teams around the world to deliver solutions that enabled regulatory compliance and business performance improvements to customers.

Most recently Chris spent 8 years with IHS Markit in a variety of commercial leadership roles, including a focus on operational risk management software for the world’s largest energy, chemical and mining companies. In this role, Chris worked with many Achilles customers to manage risk through better compliance and assurance programmes.  This experience, coupled with a passion for Environmental and Social Responsibility, stemming from a BA in Environmental Management, has resulted in a drive to deliver meaningful improvements across the supply chain for customers.
“I feel really passionately that by applying the same levels of compliance and assurance to the supply chain as our customers would to the core business, we can deliver enormous value, and positive change that goes beyond just our customers.”

Away from work

With two young children, Chris’s home life is pretty busy. But this doesn’t prevent him from indulging his love of team sports, rugby in particular – although now he’s more spectator than participant. When babysitters allow, he enjoys going out for good food and great wine, “a shared passion” for him and his wife.

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