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We have tools and services to help you today

We have a range of unique solutions to help you drive visibility in your supply chains, and we have a proven track record of supporting supply chains through past crises. Our colleagues are here to help you apply our best practice recommendations:

  1. Collaborate: proactively reach out to find out the steps buyers and suppliers are taking
  2. Identify risk: work together to highlight areas of risk and have appropriate policies for things like contract management and force majeure
  3. Alternative sources of supply: buyers can search in our large pool of compliant suppliers and suppliers are able to supply across sectors and regions.

Features, services and tools at your disposal


Quickly understand how prepared and responsive your suppliers and contractors are during these unprecedented times. We can send a short questionnaire to your suppliers and help to determine how disrupted they will be.

Ask additional questions*

Use the functionality of your platform to ask your very own specific questions around COVID to a list of suppliers in the community. Review their answers alongside their original pre-qualification questionaire.

Understand the risk

We have a dedicated team of Data Scientists on hand to help analyse questionnaire answers. You can use this insight to help understand who, where and when your supply chain is likely to be impacted.

Track your key suppliers*

Set up a list of suppliers, usually your preferred supplier list, and track their compliance and assurance levels. You can even set up alerts to be notified of any non-compliances.

*This is dependent on your platform and subscription.

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