COVID-19: Additional Resources

We've curated a collection of reports, white papers and websites to help keep you informed on the latest coronavirus situation.


Managing Supply Chain Risk and Disruption
While COVID-19 may be the catalyst for companies to revisit their global supply chain strategy and accelerate the adoption of Digital Supply Network models and capabilities, short-term actions need to be made to respond to the immediate challenge.
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Force Majeure: A New Dimension to the Coronavirus Outbreak
DHL Resilience R360
With production and logistics operations across China gradually resuming, supply chain managers across industries like automotive, machinery, and chemicals may soon face a new risk dimension pertaining to the coronavirus outbreak: suppliers or buyers invoking force majeure.
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Payment Guidance

UK Construction Payment Charter

UK Rail Payment Charter

UK Construction Retention Payments

Legal Guidance

Force Majeure:

Force Majeure:


Procurement Guidance and PPNs


EU State Aid Response