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We are dedicated to supporting customers and working together to keep doing business, to keep suppliers connected with buyers, and to keep facilitating supply chains that perform in the face of adversity.

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Number of suppliers in the Achilles network that are at financial risk if the COVID-19 crisis lasts for more than 6 months

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more buyer searches on our Nordic platforms in March, compared to February

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Percentage of suppliers in the Achilles network who are Micro or Small enterprises and more susceptible to risk.

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We have resources, guidance and insights

To help navigate these uncertain times, we have created this microsite to include a range of useful information to help make decisions and take prompt action in a rapidly changing environment.

COVID Tenders

For Buyers

Providing practical and strategic solutions in uncertain times with FAQs, latest trends and market intelligence. Understand more about where supply chain disruption is most likely to hit and steps to mitigate it.

COVID Tenders

For Suppliers

We answer your questions and provide very practical guidance on working with us, business continuity planning and using our services to connect with buyers to fulfill shortages in supply.

COVID Tenders

Additional Resources

A regularly updated list of reports, trends and legal advice during this time.

COVID Tenders

COVID Tenders

We list the most sought after product codes and urgent COVID related tenders.

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In addition to the resources and insights we're providing, we also have tangible steps you can take today.


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