OnSite Workforce

With the right information you can reduce the risk that comes with subcontracting.

Subcontractors can be a huge asset but – with the financial and reputational damage that can result in lapses in working practices – they can also be a liability. The Achilles OnSite Workforce service, in collaboration with Donseed, is a workplace management solution that captures critical information on your onsite workforce. It provides real-time updates and alerts powered by biometric identification.

OnSite Workforce utilises a solution which captures all the necessary details of the people on your site so that you can keep a track of their attendance and timekeeping. The highly flexible solution can also be combined with modules that cover health and safety records, carbon capture, payroll management and qualifications – providing a simple way to manage your workforce.


Construction, Transport, Utilities


Western Europe


How OnSite Workforce can help you

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Improve visibility

There are reported to be around 1.2 million modern slaves currently working across Europe. With this solution you can have full visibility of the volume and profile of people involved in your projects.


Minimise risk

Last year Achilles members had a total of 45 fatalities. We manage to keep this number low by highlighting who has limited health and safety competency, so you can take action.

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Key metrics to hand

Real-time web based reports and records reduce the administrative burden of record keeping and help to drive business performance.

Introducing Donseed's biometric time and attendance system

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Working with us

We know that your sites are your primary concern

Risks associated with fatalities, noncompliance, inflated costs and excess carbon emissions are all directly linked with contractors working onsite. To help you address these risks, Achilles has partnered with Donseed, a leading provider of integrated biometric workplace management solutions.

At the core of the Achilles Onsite Workforce service is an integrated biometric solution which will keep you informed of who is on your site and when. It is particularly useful if you are concerned about fatigue management, health and safety compliance or your processes are very manual and paper-based.

We’re experts in managing contract-specific risks. And while every project is different, the experience we’ve amassed from managing subcontracted people and resources leaves us uniquely placed to mitigate risk from your operations.

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