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Results for ‘Utilities’

5 networks

Middle East and Africa

Industry: All, Automotive, Banking and Finance, Construction, Consumer Goods, Energy, Healthcare, Industrial Manufacturing, Mining and Cement, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Services, Telecommunications, Transport and Logistics, Utilities

Region: Middle East and Africa

Buyers: 5

Suppliers: 3680


Industry: Energy, Utilities

Region: South America, Southern Europe

Buyers: 47

Suppliers: 20,373


Industry: Energy, Services, Transport and Logistics, Utilities

Region: Western Europe

Buyers: 13

Suppliers: 3,200

Utilities NCE

Industry: Utilities

Region: Central Europe, Northern Europe

Buyers: 59

Suppliers: 5,000


Industry: Utilities

Region: UK

Buyers: 68

Suppliers: 6,200