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Financial Analysis Model

Demonstrate your financial stability

The ability to assess the financial health of their supply chains is critical for your current and potential customers.

Supply interruptions caused by financial instability or failure are cited as the number one supplier management risk by buyers in organisations with £1bn+ turnover and the number two risk for all buyers in research commissioned by Achilles1.

Achilles’ Financial Analysis Model (FAM) - developed in consultation with Deloitte - helps you demonstrate your financial strength and stability by providing a comprehensive and detailed insight into your current and predicted financial status.

1 “Procurement Trends 2013” IFF Research


Giving your business the financial edge

As a supplier, participating in the Achilles Financial Analysis Model provides you with a range of benefits helping to improve your competitive position and performance:

Understand the financial information and criteria your customers value “Own” the financial information your customers use
Demonstrate your financial strength Benchmark financial status against peers and competitors
Identify priorities to improve financial strengths and controls Provide data once for multiple buyers reducing effort and cost

Financial insight for your business and your customers

Our model provides a detailed assessment of the financial status of your business:

Current financial status Predicted future financial performance
Insight into internal financial controls and processes Systematic and quantitative approach

Example Report

Example Financial Analysis Model report excerpt

Achilles Financial Analysis Model for Suppliers - Demonstrate your Financial Stability

How it Works

Comprehensive financial data

Your report is generated following online completion of the model, containing summaries, detailed information and supplements on a comprehensive range of financial criteria:

Summary of company financial situation Revenue and cash
Balance sheet Debt profile
Funding Revenue concentration
Altman Z score Financial controls

Converting financial data into information

The report presents information in a structured and informative way to help you with forecasting, business improvement plans and to assess your status against peer organisations:

Dashboard style summary of financial status Graphical representation of key ratios
Trajectory indicators of “Deteriorating”, “Stable” or “Improving” Indicators compared to “Benchmark” data
Advisory flags Interpretation guidelines


Secure online completion, validation, and visibility

The foundation of the Financial Analysis Model is comprehensive information provided by you and validated through Achilles.

We will contact you and support you through completion of the secure online FAM questionnaire.

Our assessment teams validate the data and once complete we publish the resulting information and reports online for you (and buyers you have authorised) to access and view.

You manage which current and prospective customers can access your report, giving you control over the financial information that buyers in our communities use when identifying and assessing potential suppliers.

Financial information can be viewed as a pdf report to access and view online or download.

Supplier Qualification

Financial analysis as part of your qualification process

Our Financial Analysis Model runs independently or as part of a wider Achilles supplier qualification programme.

You may be asked to complete FAM by a customer you already supply or one who wants to consider you for future contracts.

You can also undertake FAM as an independent and comprehensive view of your company’s financial status and to proactively use your financial strength as a competitive advantage with prospective customers.

Illustrative supplier qualification process including Financial Analysis Model


The Achilles Difference
Achilles acts as an independent partner, providing validated data and insightful analytics to enable buyers across a sector to identify and manage risk, and suppliers to increase market reach while increasing compliance and minimising costs for the network as a whole.

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