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We facilitate profitable links between buyers and suppliers

Achilles FPAL is a community used by major buying organisations within the Oil & Gas sector. It enables the oil & gas sector to use Achilles' proven supplier pre-qualification system to identify, pre-qualify and assess suppliers for tender opportunities and minimise risk within their supply chains. Established in 1996, FPAL is a service provided by Achilles and the community is managed by a Steering Group to drive industry best practice.

  • How will Achilles FPAL work for you?

    Manage risk

    Ensure that suppliers working in high risk and critical operations are sufficiently and independently audited to industry specific standards

    Save money

    Achieve time, resource and cost savings during the supplier selection process with instant access to a wealth of supplier information, presented in a standardised format to allow for direct comparisons.

    Improve operational efficiency

    Identify new suppliers offering unique and innovative products and services to enhance your overall business performance.

    Raise the bar

    Facilitate business continuity and continual improvement against the latest industry best practice.

    FPAL is an industry initiative created by oil & gas representatives in 1996 in response to standardising supply chain information and achieving costs savings within procurement processes by 30%. FPAL was acquired by Achilles in 2004 and continues to be governed by an industry based Steering Group of oil & gas companies.

    Achilles FPAL membership is an integral part of the industry wide initiative known as the Supply Chain Code of Practice (SCCoP) which is endorsed by the UK oil & gas supply chain to measure best practice during buyer procurement processes.

    Buyers in the Netherlands also adopted a collaborative approach to using Achilles FPAL and formed the Dutch Purchaser User Group (DPUG) which identifies how buyers use Achilles FPAL to improve supply chain operations which are outlined in a Common Policy Statement.

  • Join as a Buyer

    The cost of FPAL membership is dependent on a buyer's annual procurement or contracted expenditure, inclusive of both CAPEX and OPEX projects, undertaken in the planned year ahead. Contact us to talk to our Achilles FPAL Business Support Team to discuss your procurement requirements.

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  • Explore new opportunities, increase visibility to potential buyers and streamline pre-qualification

    Achilles FPAL provides a fair, open and transparent means of selecting suppliers for potential tender opportunities. Achilles FPAL helps oil & gas companies manage risk within their supply chain. Joining Achilles FPAL enables suppliers to:

    Win new business

    Over 2,000 individual buyer users from around 100 operators and contractors organisations for you to promote your products and services to and be directly invited to tender for. Publically available tender opportunities enable you to identify contract opportunities and plan activities.

    Measure business performance

    Promote successful contract delivery to customers and compare business performance against key competitors using the Achilles Performance Feedback module and Benchmarking facilities..

    Identify new customers

    Access personal details for key supply chain, procurement and commercial personnel through Achilles FPAL.

    Reduce overheads

    Complete and maintain a single Advanced Registration Questionnaire (ARQ) for the industry, reducing repetitive requests for information.

  • Join as a Supplier

    Achilles FPAL has different community subscription levels for suppliers; your annual subscription level is based on the number of product codes you want to present and promote to buyers within the Achilles FPAL Community.

    FPAL Tier 1 subscription allows you to choose up to 5 Product Codes. The fee for this level is £670 +VAT.

    FPAL Tier 2 subscription allows you to choose between 6-15 Product Codes. The fee for this level is £773 +VAT.

    FPAL Tier 3 subscription allows you to choose between 16-25 Product Codes. The fee for this level is £1,102 +VAT.

    FPAL Tier 4 subscription allows you to choose more than 25 Product Codes. The fee for this level is £1,250 +VAT.

    Non-UK based suppliers within EU countries MUST provide their VAT registration number (or pay VAT at the appropriate prevailing rate in the total amount).

    Suppliers providing critical operations in high risk environments can demonstrate their capability for contracts with a high emphasis on Quality, Health, Safety and Environment, Competence and Training through a FPAL Verify Audit.

    Click 'Join as a Supplier'  or call +44 (0) 1224 337500.

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  • Advanced Registration

    Advance Registration is an in-depth desk based assessment by Achilles FPAL Assessors of a supplier's capabilities using an online questionnaire submission. It allows suppliers to streamline pre-qualification to buyers by replacing multiple and generic requests for information from buyers with an agreed single Advanced Registration profile output valid for two years. The availability of Advanced Registration results save time, resource and cost across the industry and aids the elimination of duplicated prequalification data exchanges.

  • FPAL Verify

    FPAL Verify involves an audit visit by an FPAL Verify Auditor to a nominated supplier's premises to assess their capabilities in the areas of Quality, Health & Safety, Environment and Competence and Training. It allows suppliers to streamline pre-qualification by replacing multiple and generic requests for information from buyers with an agreed FPAL Verify report, Improvement Plan and Advanced Registration profile output valid for two years.

    FPAL Verify is a funded service that is largely supported by the Verify buyers. The availability of the audit results saves time, resource and cost across the industry by making the results available to buyers immediately.

  • Performance Feedback

    Performance Feedback is an industry standard tool, available to buyers and suppliers wishing to carry out a performance assessment during or following a piece of work. Feedback is aggregated and presented using an industry recognised scoring system. Performance Feedback is a two way evaluation tool designed to provide an objective approach to agreeing performance that can be used to provide a track record of performance that can be used in a buyer's procurement processes.

  • Benchmarking

    Benchmarking is available to suppliers and buyers to compare themselves with key competitors by using the mutually agreed Advanced Registration and Performance Feedback results. Benchmarking can identify areas for improvement or act as a powerful marketing tool to promote strong performance.

  • NOTiCE

    With thousands of opportunities published every year, Achilles NOTiCE enables your organisation to be informed of relevant contract opportunities in the UK and Europe as published in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU). Email notifications can be received by up to ten people within your company. You will have access to a database to search thousands of opportunities and gain market intelligence on contracts relevant to your business that have been awarded in the past.

    Achilles NOTiCE can be added to your Achilles FPAL subscription for an annual cost of: £395 (+VAT).

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  • New Achilles FPAL buyers

    • Helix Well Ops

      Aberdeen-based Helix Well Ops provides a range of decommissioning services using and well operations and specialist vessels and innovative equipment. Helix ESG's roots begin in the 1960s with a group of pioneering oilfield divers whose work made possible many of the advancements in the offshore industry that are taken for granted today.

    • Rosetti Marino SPA

      Rosetti Marino is an integrated Group of Companies providing engineering and construction services to various industrial sectors including Oil&Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Power and Shipbuilding. With strong engineering and project management capabilities and solid construction know-how backed by its own state-of-the-art industrial facilities, the Group is a reliable partner for EPC delivery of a wide range of offshore and onshore plants and products.

    • Iona Energy Company (UK) Ltd

      Iona Energy Inc. (TSX VENTURE:INA) is a Scotland-based Canadian oil and gas company focused on value creation from the mature parts of the oil and gas value chain, including appraisal and development of existing proven undeveloped oil and gas accumulations, redevelopment of previously producing fields and exploiting already existing producing fields through renewed late-life field development and increased oil recovery initiatives.

    • MOL Energy UK Ltd

      MOL Group is a leading integrated Central & East European oil and gas corporation headquartered in Budapest, Hungary. It has operations in over 40 countries and employs almost 30,000 people worldwide. MOL’s exploration and production activities are supported by more than 75 years’ experience in the hydrocarbon field. MOL has recently expanded their business into the UK Continental Shelf. “The North Sea is the right region for us to make this strategic move,” MOl chairman Zsolt Hernádi.

    • National Grid

      National Grid is an International electricity and gas company based in the UK and North Eastern US. They play a vital role in connecting millions of people safely, reliably and efficiently to the energy they use. National Grid provides connections for Domestic, Commercial, Industrial Gas and Electricity transmission.

  • News

    • Creating global value by exporting collaboration

       ‘Best practice’ collaborative techniques developed within the UK oil and gas sector should be used to drive greater value in international markets.Find out more about our thoughts on this

    • Oil and Gas companies have admitted they are awarding contracts to suppliers, despite not having any information about their financial standing

      As the price of oil plummets to around $50 a barrel, a quarter of global Oil and gas companies struggle with cost and risk through lack of supplier information. Find out more here.

    • Achilles FPAL Verify Scores

      At the recent Verify Steering Group meeting it was agreed to present to a wider audience the scoring statistics for all the suppliers that had been through the Verify audit process. Find out more and view the statistics.

    • Five things to be aware of when moving into the oil and gas sector

      The oil and gas industry is a lucrative one, making it a prime target for suppliers looking to expand their business. Download our guide on five things suppliers should be aware of when increasing your company’s market reach to the oil and gas sector

    • The Four Pillars Supporting North Sea Oil & Gas

      With the UK government's issuing of 167 new oil and gas licences to companies looking to drill in the North Sea attracting 224 applications, the industry is set to experience a period of renewed activity. Find out what we think the Four Pillars supporting the North Sea Oil & Gas activity are.

  • Events

PILOT Forward Workplans

The Department of Energy & Climate Change (formerly the DTI) and Oil & Gas Industry purchasers have engaged with FPAL to provide an opportunity for forward work plans relating to potential business opportunities within the UK upstream sector.

Benefits of the work plans:

  • Help provide an indication of future activity by participating Purchasers
  • Act as a planning aid to help facilitate potential business opportunities for the supply chain
  • Support the Supply Chain Code of Practice in communicating opportunities to the supply chain

The following organisations have provided their forward work plans:

Invitation to Tender (ITT)

Model ITT templates have been produced by the UK Upstream Supply Chain Management Network and aim to:

  • Simplify the Contracting Process
  • Provide an Easier and Faster way to produce, issue and respond to ITT/bid packages

The Model ITTs are not prescriptive and Purchasers can select both pace and scale of adoption. The "best practice" standard approach supports the supply chain code of practice and provides cost savings and value opportunities for both Purchasers and Suppliers.

Model ITTs for drilling rigs, marine construction, topsides, well services and general services are available to use. Model ITT templates are available for you to download from the Documents and Links tab.