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Sustainability and CSR

Sustainability management for your organisation and supply base

Establishing and demonstrating a clear approach to sustainability is critical in protecting a corporation’s reputation, complying with legislation, and meeting the expectations of customers and communities. Achilles’ Sustainability Model manages the capture and validation of Economic, Social and Environmental data from your organisation and your suppliers. This drives policy and legislative compliance, reduces risk across your organisation and supply base, and provides systematic evidence and certification of your commitment to sustainability.


Sustainability and your supply chain

The globalisation of supply networks has increased the sustainability challenge; companies now need to consider the environmental, social and economic impact of their own operations, their direct suppliers – and also of other companies within their extended supply chain.

Executives responsible for sourcing, purchasing, operations and supply chains are critical in meeting not just legislative sustainability requirements, but also the corporate standards and values developed by other stakeholder groups within their business:

  • Sustainability & CSR
  • Environmental
  • Health & Safety
  • Ethics & Compliance

Supporting your sustainability position

Our programme provides a range of outcomes to support your organisation’s position on sustainability:

  • Systematic and quantitative approach
  • Measure sustainability for your organisation and your supply base
  • Identify and target risks
  • Improvement plan support for your organisation and supply base
  • Report your sustainability to stakeholders
  • Benchmark performance against your peers
  • Provide evidence to support corporate and supply chain sustainability evaluations e.g. Dow Jones Sustainability Index

Comprehensive and validated sustainability data

Supplier sustainability data, captured through online questionnaires and validated by Achilles, typically covers the following areas:

  • Social Responsibility: Working practices, Child labour, Forced / Prison labour, Bribery and corruption, Social and ethical standards
  • Environment / Climate Change: Environmental management system and performance. Carbon footprint / Greenhouse Gas
  • Health & Safety: Documented Health & Safety policies and organisational arrangements
  • Ethics: Corporate
  • Policies: Polices and management
  • Economic: Economic aspects

How it Works

Modular functionality for your organisation

Our model provides extensive functionality – with configuration options to meet the specific requirements of your organisation:

  • Targets individual, all, or groups of suppliers
  • Sets and measures against corporate targets
  • Provides online action planning tools
  • Includes a configurable supplier scoring model
  • Shares, visualises and exports information
  • Analyses performance, sets and manages targets for individual suppliers or groups
  • Requests access to supplier action plans

Scorecards and reports

A supplier's sustainability information is published in a scorecard, to view online or as pdf download, containing:

  • Overall scores
  • Policy, environmental, social and economic section breakdown
  • A more detailed buyer’s report on suppliers includes:
    • Highlighted advisories
    • Data visualisation
    • Individual question responses
    • Weighting and scoring of criteria
    • Supplier comments
    • Certificates



Online data capture and validation

The foundation of the Sustainability Model is comprehensive sustainability information provided by your suppliers (or your own organisation).

Achilles contacts and supports suppliers with provision of their sustainability information through a secure online questionnaire.

Our assessment teams validate the data and once complete we publish the resulting sustainability scorecard and report online for authorised buyers and suppliers to view.

A range of additional functionality is available for buyers via an online dashboard.

Supplier Risk Management

Sustainability as part of your Achilles supplier risk and compliance process

Our Sustainability Model can run independently or as part of a wider risk management programme.

Achilles provides comprehensive supplier risk management solutions across a range of qualification criteria. We deliver registration programmes for your total supply base – including risk models to stream suppliers into a tiered qualification programme.

This tiered model can include basic supplier registration, a comprehensive qualification questionnaire, specialist qualification (Sustainability/CSR, Finance, Carbon), and audits.


The Achilles Difference
Achilles acts as an independent partner, providing validated data and insightful analytics to enable buyers across a sector to identify and manage risk, and suppliers to increase market reach while increasing compliance and minimising costs for the network as a whole.

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