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Achilles Supplier Management

Achilles Supplier Management allows buyers to search and access validated supplier information within an industry-specific online community. Buyers use Achilles Supplier Management to source and select pre-qualified suppliers with the required standards and services defined by the Achilles community in which they're registered.



The benefits of Achilles Supplier Management

Achilles Supplier Management reduces costs, risks and inefficiencies in your supplier management activities by delivering the following benefits:

  • An auditable process managed by Achilles covering your key suppliers.
  • Single platform and questionnaire for supplier management to streamline the process for buyers and suppliers.
  • A registration, pre-qualification and risk management model developed by buyers within your industry sector.
  • Access to new pre-qualified suppliers via membership of the Achilles Community model.

Supplier coverage

Whilst Achilles Supplier Management is open to any suppliers who wish to offer their services to a particular community, it is typically used by buyers to manage their key suppliers (those identified as being of greatest importance to the buyer and therefore having a medium/high risk profile).

For a buyer it provides an efficient approach to managing supply chain risk, by validating and maintaining information about your key current suppliers as well as giving you access to new pre-qualified suppliers who are registered with your Achilles Community.

Supplier pre-qualification

The buyer community collaborates to approve a standard pre-qualification questionnaire which reflects the requirements of the specific industry sector and the geography it serves.

We use online qualification, validated 3rd party data feeds, and our team of accredited auditors (for suppliers with the highest level of criticality to buyers) to assess suppliers' capabilities and ensure compliance with the agreed standards. These vary between industry sectors and regions but typically cover the following areas:

  • Company information
  • Financials
  • Legal
  • Environment
  • Quality
  • CSR
  • Products & Services

Once validated, suppliers' details are uploaded to the Community and are available for all registered buyers to access and review. Buyers can find suppliers through a variety of advanced search tools - with the knowledge that suppliers' details are regularly quality checked by Achilles.

Supplier Management

Achilles Supplier Management

View the key attributes of Achilles Supplier Management and see how these compare to Achilles Total Supplier Management.

* Specific process details may vary reflecting the requirements of individual Achilles solutions

How it works

Achilles Supplier Management

Achilles Supplier Management is our standard community supplier pre-qualification and management solution. On joining the programme as a buying organisation you will have membership of one of our online Achilles Communities. Our search tools give you access to information on all your current suppliers who subscribe to the Community as well as the ability to find and view validated potential future suppliers.

Achilles Supplier Management Process

The diagram below shows the model and  key stages of the Achilles Supplier Management solution.

Buyer View - Achilles Supplier Management (SMS)
* Specific process details may vary reflecting the requirements of individual Achilles solutions

1. Supplier Registration

  • Suppliers are directed (via website messages, email, phone or letter) to register via the Achilles Community website. Supplier registration is the start of the qualification process to supply your organisation (and other buyers within the community.)

2. Manage Risk

  • All suppliers joining the community will be required to complete a full pre-qualification questionnaire.
  • The data collected and validated is used to determine if any subsequent stages may be required in the assessment process.
  • Supplier data is validated and annually quality checked by Achilles.

3. Assess Risk Profile

  • A profile level is assessed in order to manage the potential risk profile associated with the products and services supplied to you and other buyers in the community
  • Risk may be defined per product/service category and reflects the degree of criticality to buyers within the Achilles community. Risk is typically based on parameters such as spend, Health & Safety, Environment, Quality, CSR, climate change etc.
  • This assigned risk profile level determines whether additional steps may be required in a supplier's qualification process.
  • A supplier with the highest degree of importance and criticality to buyer organisations (high risk profile) may be required to undergo an additional on-site audit or assessment.

4. Buyer solutions

  • Once validated the supplier details are uploaded into the Achilles Community and are available to all registered buyers.
  • As a buyer, you can use a range of search tools to identify, review, and manage supplier information for your business, with the knowledge that the information shown has been checked and verified by Achilles.
  • Supplier information is maintained and annually quality checked by Achilles.
  • A range of additional modules can be added to buyer programmes to further enhance your Community supplier management solution.



Supplier application and pre-qualification process

The diagram below shows the step-by-step process for a supplier joining an Achilles Community.

Achilles Supplier Management
* Specific process details may vary reflecting the requirements of individual Achilles solutions

The Achilles Difference
Achilles acts as an independent partner, providing validated data and insightful analytics to enable buyers across a sector to identify and manage risk, and suppliers to increase market reach while increasing compliance and minimising costs for the network as a whole.

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